Glow on the Go with Eve Lom's New Cleanser

Eve Lom made her mark on the skincare world 25 years ago when she created the first-ever balm cleanser. This was the first and most iconic product created in a lineup that has expanded immensely over the years. Fast forward to today, and things are changing once again with the introduction of their second, gel-based cleanser.  It's hard to beat a cult-favorite, but this new cleanser is sure giving the tried-and-true formula a run for its money! This month I had the opportunity to try both cleansers, and a few other products, too! 

Something I always have to mention is packaging. I am such a fan of this clean and simple packaging. The hints of gold make it feel like something special, but the crisp white boxes keep things minimal.

Eve Lom's original cleanser is a truly luxurious cleansing experience, and feels more like a ritual than a necessary cleansing process. I love the feeling of this balm — it's thick and extremely rich. When used in tandem with a hot muslin cloth, it will exfoliate and tone the skin. Using the Eve Lom Facial Technique, you can use your fingers to wake up tired sallow skin, blocked pores and puffiness. I felt both refreshed and relaxed when I was done, and can understand why this balm has so many devout followers!

I'll be completely honest, nine times out of ten I'm rushing to get ready in the morning or too tired to fully pull out all the stops for my skin. This is where Eve Lom's new Gel Balm Cleanser steps in. This, my friends, is my weekday savior! This cleanser delivers the same cleanse Eve Lom is famed for, but in an easy to use gel balm texture. The pump makes dispensing a snap, a feature I always appreciate in skincare products. While it feels similar to the original, this gel has something special and all it's own. As the gel is massaged into wet skin, it gently transforms into a milky balm texture that leaves skin soothed and blissfully soft. 

As a follow-up to cleansing, I've been using the Rescue Oil-Free Moisturizer. It has the ability to control oil and treat my blemishes at the same time. Lately my poor skin has taken a beating with the summer sun, heat and inevitable sweating that comes with it. This moisturizer has a flower water base composed of witch hazel and cornflower that provides much-needed natural antiseptic benefits and soothes inflammation. This also keeps the formula lightweight. Instant skin happiness.

Two other stand-out products I've been using are the Rescue Mask and Dynaspot, both of which help to control and eliminate problems related to my acne and rosacea. Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what the heck happened to your skin? The Rescue Mask comes to my rescue in times of stress! This mask has won In Style's award for “Best Mask for Congested Skin” for seven consecutive years! Do you really need more proof than that!? Apply a medium to thick layer to cleansed, dry skin, and relax for 20 minutes.

If my problem areas still need a little love, I'll apply a small amount of Dynaspot to help speed up the healing process. Instead of being stark white and super noticeable, this formula has a universal skin-tone tint, so I can apply it in the morning before my makeup! Win-win.

Thanks SO MUCH to Eve Lom for allowing me to experience this beautiful lineup. I'm so glad I had the chance to try both cleansers, because I fully plan on mixing it up and using both depending on the time I have! If you haven't had a chance to try anything by Eve Lom yet, start with the best, and try a cleanser first!

Not–So–Average Outdoor Essentials from Skeem

From deep in the woods to my balcony in the city, it's safe to say I love being outside in the summertime – especially in the evenings! What I'm not such a fan of are the massive amounts of mosquitos that also enjoy the outdoors, thus, my need for citronella candles! Naturally I don't have a problem with this as I already have an undying love for candles, but sometimes citronella candles are have such a strong, distinct scent they can be a little overpowering. 

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Skeem Design a few months ago, and I'm so honored to bring them back to Pike Petals with some beautiful outdoor essentials!  First, let's talk candles! These aren't your average citronella candles, people. Just look at them! Once lit, the only bugs you’ll see are the graphic ones silk-screened on these gorgeous matte white glass jars. Each candle has three wicks for maximum scent, keeping bugs at bay for up to 80 hours!

This is just your average night on the patio at our house! No evening is complete without wine, flowers and candles. Not only are they practical, but these candles are also perfect for creating some additional ambiance in the evening. I'm all about creating a relaxing environment at home. Each of the three scents – Eucalyptus, Grapefruit & Sea Salt – is so intoxicating, you'll forget they're for use outdoors and want to burn them inside! 

I discovered this wine at Trader Joe's and was instantly hooked by the label. The great news is what's inside is equally as good! Adam and I use an app called Vivino to catalogue and rate all of the different wines we've tried, and this wine in particular has great reviews!

Another must-have from Skeem are their gorgeous Fireplace Match Bottles. They're a functional, yet sophisticated option for storing your matches, and feature silk-screened designs and a cork lid. As always, I'm a huge fan of Skeem's exclusive strike-on-bottle design, for lighting all 120 matches in style. My two favorite designs are Astronomy and Poetry

Kota Bear was a great helper with my photoshoot at sunset! During the summertime we love to have bonfires in the backyard and these matchsticks are key in assisting with the ultimate summer s'more roasting station.

The Poetry design is silk-screened with a beautiful typewriter-style poem by Sean Kearney:

Nothing becomes familiar in the dark.
So be a flame. Be a flame, if only to evidence
time’s metronome, reacting to invisible tides, 
leaning to the whims of any breeze of gravity. 
Be a flame even if, and maybe especially, 
if there are none. Be a flame even if only to 
paint gold the faces of those who are closest. 
Alight, our chests rise and fall the same. 
Be a flame or at least be its student. 
Learn the smoke: dissipate from the crown 
of your head, fold your visible light
and float upward.

A huge thank you to Skeem for these beauties! Each and every product they create will make such a statement in your home, and believe me when I say your friends will be jealous! While you're picking up something for yourself, you better order a few extras as gifts. Long-live those warm summer nights, discussions by candlelight and star-filled skies.


National Lipstick Day with Butter London + Sugarfina

Happy National Lipstick Day to my lipstick lovers! I know everyone gets super excited about National Donut Day or National Coffee Day, but this one is by far the best in my book! I always look forward to photographing and writing about my collaborations, but this one might be my favorite to date! My love of lipstick runs deep, and I get giddy just thinking about all these shades that are to die for.

To celebrate this most joyous occasion, Butter London has teamed up with Sugarfina for the release of their new Plush Rush Satin Matte Lipsticks! Guys, these are so bold in color and intensely creamy! I already loved Butter London's lipsticks for their deep pigment, long wear, and convenient magnetic-close cap, but now I have 8 new reasons – or shall I say shades – to love them even more! 

I can't say enough about these – the way they feel on my lips says a lot about the quality. These little tubes are total worker bees on your lips, keeping you moisturized while supplying a plumping complex to make them firmer, smoother, and better defined. They have a light champagne scent (hello) and the wear is superb. The color doesn't bleed and my lips never feel dry at the end of the day, it's almost like I'm wearing chapstick instead of lipstick! The color I'm rocking in these shots is called Brave, and it's a deep cocoa shade!

If you haven't ever tried Sugarfina candy, you're missing out. They come in adorable little acrylic boxes and make the perfect gift or afternoon pick-me-up! For the launch of Butter London's new lipsticks, they created these oh-so-cute little lip-shaped gummies fit for the occasion! They come mixed with berry, watermelon and bubblegum sour gummy flavors, and are absolutely addictive! You can't eat just one, I dare you.

I don't think I've ever jumped so fast to order something than when I saw this shirt online. IT'S PERFECT. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear it for today!  At a price that can't be beat, it captures my love for lipstick perfectly and I enjoy all the smiles I get from other people when I wear it! 

Hope you give these beauties a try, they're just as addicting as the gummies, but with less calories! It's Saturday - put on some lipstick and live a little!