Coffee Scrubs for the Win

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! I hope this week is finding you inspired and productive! It's been a busy week at work for me, so I've been trying my best to come home, unplug and take some time for myself in the evenings. Normally this leads me to something skincare related such as a mask, but this week I tried something completely new, Beverly to 5th's Mandarin Orange Coffee Scrub!! 

Did you know the benefits of using coffee on your skin are basically endless? No seriously, check out this list that Beverly to 5th put together. Andy, founder of the company, has had years of experience with organic coffee and tea. The development of using coffee with a skincare line actually came about when he was searching for a new body scrub and cream. The fruits of his labor? An organic coffee scrub that gives you super soft and sexy skin. 

I appreciate that their scrubs don't contain parabens or other yucky chemicals, and no critters were harmed in the making. Kudos to that. I love the smell of coffee, so the added scent of mandarin orange was like the cherry on top! Beverly to 5th has a few other scents to choose from, coconut and peppermint, which sound equally as amazing. 

I would definitely recommend giving coffee scrubs a try, especially if you're a coffee lover! This scrub left my skin oh so soft and smooth, all thanks Beverly to 5th! 

Coconut Kisses & Mermaid Wishes: Leahlani Skincare

In my continual effort to pretend I actually live in a warm, sunny climate, I'm so excited to share with you a skincare brand forever in an aloha state of mind! Leahlani Skincare was born on the north shores of Kauai, consisting of organic botanicals and clays, delicious tropical fruits & Hawaiian nectars, all made in small batches by hand on the island. Here in Seattle where our skies are often grey, I'll take all the happy, sunshine-filled remedies I can get!

Leah, founder of Leahlani Skincare and a sweet ray of sunshine herself, created the brand out of a struggle with severe cystic acne. I was so eager to try her line because I've dealt with that same exact struggle for countless years. 

Her standout product that I have been absolutely obsessed with is Bless Beauty Balm. This little jar contains superpowers! It literally melts into your skin with a single stroke, and has such an uplifting, sweet scent. I've been using it in the evening after cleansing and toning my face, and I'll use it on my lips and other spots that need a little extra moisture and love during the day. It totally embraces the phrase "smooth like buttah", but smells better. 

Is this not the cutest, happiest little box you've ever seen? All of the products from Leahlani are so high-quality in their packaging – their bright colors make me feel like I'm on vacation! These frosted glass jars are little treasures that shine so beautifully with their gold lids. 

Aside from the Bless Beauty Balm, I also tried out the Meli Glow Mask, Aloha Ambrosia Elixir, and Kalima Cleansing Powder. Across the board, each product smells absolutely fabulous and completely energizing. I love how different each one is, serving unique purposes for my skin. 

I like to use Kalima Cleansing Powder in the morning to wake up my skin. You mix a little bit of powder with water, then massage into your skin in circular motions. The smell of vanilla mixed with citrus hits on just the right note in the morning. 

The Aloha Ambrosia Elixir may be small, but she is fierce. This is another morning routine must-have. Just one pump will do the trick! With a scent of jasmine flowers and tropical rain showers, it will leave your skin moisturized and glowing all day long. 

If I have a little extra time on my hands, I'll use the Meli Glow Mask. Talk about a tropical oasis in a jar. I want to eat this mask it smells so good! I'll leave it on as I refresh my manicure for a little extra skin treat!

Create your own at-home tropical paradise with Leahlani Skincare. These products are less about sticking to a routine, and more about creating a ritual. I have fallen in love with these products and I can't wait to try more from this beautiful line. Thanks so much Leahlani Skincare, for allowing me to take my skin on a beautiful journey! 


Luxe Scents from Antica Farmacista

My epic scent saga continues with Antica Farmacista, a Seattle-based brand created by two best friends, leading the way in luxury fragrance. They have so many divine fragrances to choose from, for both the home and body. I was so excited to partner with them and experience a scent firsthand in my home!

Antica Farmacista speaks my fragrance language, some of my favorite flowers are represented in Peonia. Inspired by the world’s most romantic gardens, Peonia transports you to the heart of a blooming flower garden. Heady floral notes of peony, rose and gardenia mix with unexpected herbaceous lemon citrus notes. Subtle woodsy notes result in a soft, powdery and decidedly romantic finish to a beautiful and feminine fragrance. This scent is everything I love.


Reed diffusers are such a great way to bring constant fragrance to a space in a tasteful manner. Antica presents their diffusers in beautiful glass vessels which feel more like little jewels in the home. They even make some stunning crystal diffusers, which are #decorgoals. 

I switched up my coffee table decor and placed this one in a tray along with some marble coasters, a glassybaby and a bouquet of flowers. It takes center stage in the room, but the scent reaches much further.  Even though our living room is a rather large space, I can smell this diffuser from the moment I walk in the door. 

Other diffusers I've purchased in the past don't seem to give off much of a scent after a few days, but this one continues to fuel my space with fragrant goodness. Be sure to head over to Antica Farmacista's site and find a new scent for your space!