Springtime Stripes, Classic Denim & Dainty Details

The perfectly striped blouse, a classic pair of black denim jeans, and some dainty gold rings. That's a recipe for an outfit I can get on board with. As I've gotten older, I've realized I'd rather embrace my style than try to fit in with the latest trends. Every once in a while I'll break out of the box and try something that's totally not me, but in the end I always go back to what I love the most! This outfit embodies that statement from top to bottom, but with a little added interest!

Let's first discuss this blouse from StyleWe. I instantly knew it was a winner based on the stripes! Vertical stripes are very flattering on anyone, and you can't go wrong with a classic black and white stripe. Everyone should own at least one striped top – it's a closet staple. What makes this blouse unique is the adorable little sunbathers scattered about it and the festive fringe tassels! I like to tuck in the front, and let the back flow for a tapered effect. 

Black denim. If you don't have it, you need it. I almost exclusively wear it in the winter and fall. If you've ever shopped for denim online, you know how challenging it is to find the perfect fit without physically trying anything on! Well, I've got a solution to that! Let me introduce you to Fitcode. This Seattle-based brand showcases endless pairs of designer jeans, and with one simple 5-step quiz, help you narrow down the choices to pairs that work with your body. It's like having a personal denim stylist with me, helping to select jeans that match my personal style.

After I took the quiz, I had this pair of JAG Jeans selected in minutes. The best part? They arrived super fast and fit perfectly. JAG is another awesome Seattle-based brand with an amazing selection of denim! I love the total blackout effect the Sheridan Skinny has. The denim is so soft and moves with my body instead of against it. Admit it, you've worn a pair of jeans that was totally uncomfortable before because they were cool. With these, I don't have to compromise comfort and a great fit for style! What's even better is that JAG is currently running their Memorial Day Sale—40–60% off select styles—until Monday!

Accessories are a girl's best friend. I love shoes, bags and jewelry more than anything. It's the little details that really round out an outfit and make it feel complete. This outfit is mostly monochromatic, so I had to pull out this beautiful cobalt blue bag by Rebecca Minkoff. I'm also wearing my signature neon pink color, Pool Party on my nails. The color is so bright the camera doesn't even do it justice! 

Rings are an accessory I wear every single day. In fact, a few of them are the most sentimental things I own. I have one from my mom, one from my grandma, and I'd feel lost without them. Nowadays gold feels like a much more vintage metal, but it's always been my go-to. I'm constantly on the lookout for new pieces to add to my collection, but they have to be wearable and last a long time.

Fresh Tangerine is Seattle-based brand that I absolutely adore, and not just because of their name! They're known for carefully crafted jewelry that is delicate, easy to wear and approachable. We're on the same page, believing that jewelry is personal and should be a lasting investment that is accessible to everyone! The pieces they create are so stinkin' cute! No seriously, go look at their selection. I've got a few stackable gold rings and couldn't help but pick out this little ampersand. As a designer who has been obsessed with typography all her life, the choice was a no brainer.

Thanks so much to the amazing brands that made this outfit possible! Each piece is a treasured item that is going to be joining me on countless adventures and live in my fashion arsenal for years to come.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing three-day weekend! New adventures await!


Flashes of Romance in Arizona

Adam and I took a whirlwind trip to Arizona earlier in the month, and I'm finally getting around to posting about it! A family friend of Adam's was getting married in Scottsdale and so we decided to make a long weekend out of it and go on a little mini trip! We both desperately needed the sunshine after the constant rain here in Seattle and the change of landscape was nice! We flew out in the wee hours on Thursday morning, and arrived back in Seattle late Sunday night. Let's just say going to work on Monday was rough. 

We jam-packed those four days in Arizona with adventures, food and family. My Aunt and Uncle live in Scottsdale, and Adam's family flew in for the wedding, so we made sure to spend time with everyone. We also wanted a little time for just the two of us, and planned to spend a night in Sedona. We were going to be really ambitious and visit the Grand Canyon, but that will have to wait for another time.  

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know both of us are pretty in love with our BMWs, and cars in general. As we stood waiting in line pick up our little economy rental car, we couldn't help but notice some much prettier, faster options that would make the three hour drive to Sedona a little more...well let's be honest, fun! After landing on the Corvette Stingray, we headed out of Phoenix, taking the scenic route to Sedona.

The only stop we made along the way was for lunch, and to wine taste in the picturesque hillside town of Jerome. This little town has a big history, supported in its heyday by rich copper mines, it was home to more than 10,000 people in the 1920s. It's more than 5,000 feet above sea level, and it really does feel like an old mining town. I'm pretty confident it's haunted. 

Caduceus Cellars is owned by Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, and Adam was super excited to purchase one of his wines!

We only spent a grand total of eighteen hours in Sedona, most of which was spent sleeping! After arriving at our hotel, we quickly went to go secure our sunset viewing spot atop the hillside at a little place called Sky Ranch Lodge. I'd describe the amenities as summer-camp like, but the view from The Lookout is simply breathtaking. You feel like you're in a little secret garden in the hills. No wonder it's the perfect wedding venue. 

We got there two hours sunset, and grabbed a glass of wine (or three) at their Oasis Wine Bar. We basically had the entire lookout to ourselves until about fifteen minutes before sunset, when everyone flocked to the scene. 

I couldn't help but swoon over the rosebushes here. Their scent was oh so heavenly and they really set the sunset mood with the red rocks as their backdrop. 

No picture does this sunset justice, it was amazing how expansive the views were.

After sunset, we raced down the hillside for a late dinner across from our hotel at a place called the Cowboy Club, but not before I snapped this beautiful picture from our balcony at twilight. I love those rocks. I could stare at them forever. 

The following morning we woke up early to enjoy some sunshine on our deck, before making the trek to Scottsdale to join my Aunt and Uncle at their abode for some extreme relaxation for the next 24 hours. It was Cinco de Mayo, so after spending the afternoon poolside, we headed downtown in search of libations and entertainment!

I couldn't help but bring my little Spiked Cash bkr along for the trip! He blended in perfectly to the desert landscape!

My Aunt and Uncle took us to some amazing spots in Scottsdale, including Tonto Bar & Grill, which is right along the golf course. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we sipped on drinks while watching a wedding rehearsal on the green. Everything on the menu sounded amazing, and I finally settled on the Penne Pasta – beef tenderloin tips, black beans, corn, tomatoes, red onions, mild red chili sauce & feta cheese. It was heaven, and also extremely filling for a hot Arizona day!

The final leg of our trip was spent with Adam's family in Carefree. Saturday evening we got all dolled up, headed to Troon North golf course, and joined in the wedding festivities. It was so nice getting to know more of Adam's family friends, who are really more like family.

One final stop on our trip was to Růže Cake House in the Arts District of Old Town Scottsdale. I had stumbled on their Instagram before we left and knew I had to stop in to see their gorgeous storefront before we left. How could I not visit somewhere that has a slogan like "Stop and Taste the Roses" in neon on their wall?! We picked up half a dozen macaroons to snack on at the airport, and I tried their prickly pear iced tea. We then joined Adam's family for a late lunch, and then cried all the way to the airport. Just kidding, but I do think I was extra whiny that we were leaving.

I can't wait to go on our next adventure in Arizona. While this trip was a blast, it was entirely too fast and super busy! Next time we go I definitely want to go on some hikes and spend more time relaxing by the pool. There's so much to see and do. Have you ever been to Arizona? What are some of your favorite stops?


Desk Essentials with Lano Lips

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I've been a little radio silent around here lately, life seems to be moving so fast and I've taken some time to enjoy it! After coming back from a quick vacation to Arizona, I hit the ground running at work, and it feels like every weekend lately is filled with social events! It's crazy how quickly those summer months come on! 

I wanted to share with you a brand that I can't get enough of lately. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Lano Lips! These addictive little tubes of joy have been my constant companions since receiving them! I traveled to Arizona with them and they literally saved my hands and lips from severe dryness. I'm a Washingtonian, we don't have dry heat here! 

I've been using the 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm on my lips every night before bed. I wear lipstick almost every single day, and sometimes this can take a toll on my lips. If only every single lipstick I used were amazingly hydrated! This balm really locks in moisture and replenishes hydration to my lips! If i'm looking for some quick color, I'll use a Tinted Balm – it's got 30 SPF! 

Lano's hand creams are on a different level. You already know I'm addicted to anything rose scented, and their Rose Hand Cream Intense is no exception for the heavenly scent I crave. They make no joke about the intense part. It's super creamy. I use this most often on my cuticles after completing a fresh manicure. When I'm looking for some added moisture all over, I turn to the Everywhere Multi-Cream


I love the retro-feel these tubes have. They're just so cute! I've repurposed an old Diptyque candle jar that holds treasures like these guys.

Lano Lips, a water bottle, notepad and candle...just a few of the items on my desk at home, hanging out beside me when I'm lost in hours of photo editing or blogging! It seems like lately that's been the norm, because it's been raining a lot! Once the sun comes out, I'm going to be outside adventuring!

Thanks to Lano Lips for these goodies! I've been enjoying them so much and can't wait to try more from the line. If you're not sure where to start, definitely go for the 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm. It's the perfect addition to any purse, bedside table or desk – you'll find yourself reaching for it all the time.