hello, stranger

I'm Krista. Multichannel design is my career, fashion, gardening & photography are my passions, and this blog is a combination of everything in between. 

I've spent the past four years working in the heart of Seattle within the fashion industry, and can't imagine living somewhere I couldn't stroll down to the market during the day and select a fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers. My calendar year doesn't start in January, it starts when the first type of flower is in season. Flowers are beauty for beauty's sake. It's not about the size of the bouquet, but the amount of joy it brings you. This blog aims to be my personal exploration of flowers - their scent, color palettes, influence of style, and the sheer happiness they bring me through the seasons. 

For inquiries or collaborations feel free to contact me at krista.m.fredricks@gmail.com. Let's create together!