Harvest Time

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

― L. M. Montgomery

As I sit writing this, I'm cozy in my living room sipping a hot cup of tea, listening to the rain fall mercilessly on the roof. I've waited for this moment oh so very long! There's a huge storm brewing in Seattle, and it's going to keep us indoors all weekend. I was lucky enough to capture these shots while the fallen leaves were still crisp and crunchy!

Dahlias dominate the floral market right now - or at least what's left of it! It's always bittersweet to watch the shops slowly disappear for the season, there's only a handful left. I chose this bouquet because the colors so perfectly represent autumn and hey, they complimented my outfit quite nicely! Another unique factor for this gathering is the incorporation of red butterflyweed. Known as a butterfly magnet, butterflyweed is usually orange or yellow, and originates in Mexico and South America. This particular form of butterflyweed is known as silky red, or the bloodflower. The name is quite fitting with Halloween right around the corner. 

Anything and everything black is pretty much my fall uniform. This leather jacket from Topshop is probably my favorite fall staple, and I managed to snag it for a screaming deal last spring when no one was really on the hunt for a leather jacket. It often completes my outfit, no matter the occasion. Last weekend I wore it over a dress to a wedding, and here I'm rocking it with an oversized sweater paired with some soft leggings and chunky-heeled Sam Edelman boots. A leather jacket is an investment piece you'll be happy to have all through the seasons.

Believe it or not, this bag was meant to be a cheap throw away. I paid a mere 16 bucks for it at H&M over 3 years ago for Coachella. I was so ahead of the times, because now everywhere I look, fringe is taking over the purse scene. It's held up well through the years, and I still get tons of compliments on it!

Bringing Bouquet Home

I've probably re-arranged all the items in our living room at least four or five times this past month. I just can't help it! As soon as I get a new fall trinket - seasonal candles, little pumpkins - I have to make room for it and alas, cast something else aside.

My latest additions to our living room have been one very amazing faux fur throw, and my all-time favorite fall scented candle. I've been searching for a fur throw for quite some time, but most of them I've lusted for are at least 100 bucks. Up until recently I was using Ikea's faux sheepskin rug (yes mom, I know it's a rug and not a throw). For only 15 bucks it fit the bill and was flexible enough to pass as a throw! Last week I stumbled upon this white and grey combo at Target. It's currently on sale, and under 30 dollars!

Parisian perfumer Diptyque makes the BEST candles, end of story. At a rather steep price of 62 per candle, they certainly should be amazing. They're all hand poured, burn extremely evenly, and each scent is absolutely exquisite. Feu de Bois, or Wood Fire, is a woody scent that recalls the crackling of an open fire. In my opinion, there's nothing better on a fall day.

I love the way this mirrored vase picks up the light and compliments the surrounding metals and textures. I'll be honest, this bouquet was beautifully displayed on the coffee table until Adam sat down on the couch to watch television and it blocked his view. Now, instead of being the focal point of the room, it's just a beautiful accessory. It's okay though, with the storm raging outside, it's going to be the perfect weekend to cozy up under a blanket and watch some scary movies.

Making Our House a Home

Cheers, Summer.