Making Our House a Home

Happy November, friends! The holidays are right around the corner and I can hardly wait! Before I get too carried away with sprigs of holly and sparkly ornaments, I wanted to do a little house update. 

When I first moved into this apartment, there was a huge wood-burning fireplace that took up a ton of space and made our layout extremely awkward. Don't get me wrong, I love a good fireplace, but unfortunately this one needed repairs and we couldn't use it. I was so happy when our landlord finally decided to take it out! Since it's removal, we've been spending a lot of time re-arranging furniture, fixing up odds and ends, and most importantly working on our indoor jungle!

Plants dominate our living room, and I'm totally fine with it. With those summer nights spent on the patio far behind us, and some chilly winter nights on the couch ahead, it's nice to enjoy the greenery indoors. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is visit the local nurseries in Seattle. Some of our favorites are West Seattle Nursery and City Peoples Garden Store. The plant selection is always changing and everything looks so healthy. I was absolutely thrilled when we picked up the Monstera deliciosa pictured above. It's also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, and if you play around with the Latin you get "Delicious Monster". As the leaves mature, they begin to split, creating the beautiful pattern. 

Another item I've finally acquired are hanging planters. For the longest time all I could find were macrame planters, but that particular look is a little too boho for me. I felt like I'd struck gold when I found these grey geometric planters at CB2, they're the most unique ones I've ever seen! Not to mention they were very reasonably priced at 15 bucks each. The only challenge was getting them to hang properly from the ceiling. We have vaulted ceilings in our living room and had to find extra gold chain to extend the height. Luckily we looked no further than Home Depot; they had gold chain that was exactly the same size and color! The DIY gods were certainly shining down upon us! I selected a few trailing succulents for the pots - string of pearls and donkey's tail - so that these will eventually create a dramatic display of greenery in the corner of the living room.

It's nearly impossible to find plant stands, in case you were wondering. They exist in abundance on Pinterest, but when it comes to actually purchasing one, it's like an Easter egg hunt! It may be because I'm picky, too. We kept going back to this simple black one on Amazon, and are quite pleased with it. I have plans to paint it gold, and we will probably end up purchasing more at varying heights for other plants in the house. I'm so happy to finally have our beautiful Croton up off the floor. I love the warm tropical colors of this guy - he adds just the right amount of color to the space! 

Terrariums are small pieces that make big statements in any space. I have a lot of fun selecting the plants and creating them myself, it's very therapeutic! Places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn and Home Goods are great places to look for supplies to make your own. 

Yucca plants have low water requirements and are even somewhat drought tolerant. This particular plant adds just the right amount of height to compliment the bar cart perfectly. The addition of some white rocks to the base of the plant help keep moisture in and adds to the "Palm Springs" vibe this plant already has. This Yucca was an absolute steal at IKEA. Their plant section is hit or miss, but when you manage to get something, it's often at a great price. What I really need to investigate is the schedule for their plant shipments! We've gained a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Philodendron and this Yucca from IKEA, all of which have done great. We are also large investors of IKEA's plan tpots. The clean white finish with just a touch of pattern keeps things minimalist and lets the plant take center stage.

We're lucky to have so many windows in our living room, there's never any lack of sunlight! So far our plants are thriving. As we head into the winter months, only time will tell of their success. You'd think our plants are children the way we talk about them, some even have names! I'm so glad Adam enjoys caring for them as much as I do, it makes the task of watering so much easier! Not all plants need an abundance of sunlight, though. Make sure you do your research beforehand if you want a successful indoor plant experience!

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