A Very Merry Cheese + Wine Party

A Very Merry Cheese + Wine Party

I've been dreaming about hosting a cheese and wine party for quite some time now. Between all of the high-shine holiday bar decor and beautiful marble boards that are popular today, something had to take shape. Top it off with a healthy dose of Pinterest inspiration and you've got one creative mind seeking a curated party paradise.

As I mentioned back in September's post, Adam and I love our cheese and wine nights! Since we recently got everything situated in our new apartment together, this gave me the perfect excuse to host a themed apartment-warming party! I also wanted to wait and host around the holidays for an extra layer of golden glow and sparkle.

My first task was creating an extra-special invitation for the event. Sending out a snail-mail invite seems so much more personal than Facebook events or group text messages. I looked around for a stock invite, but nothing seemed to fit the bill or work with my vision. Since I design for a living, the only logical thing to do was create my own! No detail was overlooked and I am so thrilled with the way they turned out. Most of the supplies were ordered on Amazon, including the adorable gold polka-dotted washi tape and themed confetti. I heard the confetti surprised quite a few people upon opening, too! Mission accomplished.

I wanted to design a tablescape that was accessible from all sides, making it easy for everyone to move about the room during the evening. We have a fairly small, square table, so space is at a premium! The first thing I did was remove the chairs from the area, and cover the table in brown construction paper, which made a world of difference with cleanup at the end! The paper also made the items on the table stand out since our table is dark brown.

I saw a great opportunity to utilize all of the flower vases I have collected over the years by using them to house candles for a centerpiece! I don't know if you've tried searching for pillar candles lately, but they're pretty expensive if you buy them individually! Luckily good ol' IKEA sells them in a pack of five for 9.99, which is a steal! They come in varying heights, making them perfect for my display. I also picked up a few metallic gold candles to add to the mix, which are seasonal and currently on clearance. I added some crushed silver glass to the bottom of each vase - it's really pretty with the candlelight reflecting off of it, and helps stabilize each candle. To complete the centerpiece, I placed fresh cut eucalyptus between each vase. The smell is so euphoric, and a little bit of fresh greenery can never hurt!

As with everything else decor in our home, I went with silver, gold and copper ornaments for our Christmas tree. This was the first year Adam and I celebrated Christmas in a home together, so we really had to start from the ground up when it came to holiday decor. Most of my ornaments were purchased on sale at Target and Hobby Lobby! If you are patient, a sale will always come around. I like to think we have a nice base layer now to add on throughout the years to come.

Now let's discuss serving the libations. Target was my savior for the presentation on this. I am completely obsessed with this gold hammered serving tray. It was the perfect size to house all of the wine glasses needed, and keeps them contained to a specific area. The stemless wine glasses themselves are also from Target, and cost a mere 3.99 for a four pack! That means no harm, no foul if one is broken during the party (luckily this didn't happen anytime during the evening!).

This 3-piece bar ware set by Nate Berkus is also available at Target! Better yet, it's currently on sale! I love the use of metallic gold metal mixed with acrylic accents. Totally chic, and spot-on for this party.

Not only is this bottle of matchsticks by Skeem Design gorgeously designed, but it also serves an important purpose! This square, apothecary-style bottle usually sits on my coffee table as decor, but for the party I actually had a chance to light one of the matchsticks inside of it. I love the incorporation of the striker on the side of the bottle. Skeem Design has countless options for colored matches, and bottles in varying shapes and sizes, making it ridiculously hard to choose just one!

Since my wine glasses were stemless, I had to come up with an alternative to using wine charms. I've attended a party and too often set my glass down only to come back wondering which is mine. I found a set of three metallic wine pens on Amazon and they certainly did the trick! The ink drys pretty quickly, stays on after hours of holding, and much to my surprise, comes off after a quick run through the dishwasher!

Okay, this is probably the most fun thing I've ever purchased! This 'CHEERS' banner from Amazon was the best deal out there for letter balloons! I'll be honest, we weren't expecting it to be this big! Luckily we had a nice open wall to display it on. We hung ours using fishing line to give the illusion of the balloons floating in space. If you're looking to make a statement at a party, this might be the perfect thing to get!

Once the stage was set and everything was laid out, it was time for our guests to arrive! The invitation prompted guests to bring a cheese and wine pairing to share, so there were plenty of different things to try throughout the night! We provided plenty of charcuterie, bread and crackers to pair with all of the delicious cheese our guests would be bringing. One of my favorite purchases for our kitchen was this copper-topped oil and vinegar set from West Elm. The set comes with a beautiful copper trivet so you can display them proudly on your table or counter!

This may be one of my favorite sights to see. Give me all of the cheese! There were so many options to choose from, I don't think I was able to try everything! I placed the cheese wedges on a marble slab from Crate and Barrel, which not only kept them cool, but made for a beautiful presentation. As a final touch, I bought these adorable little tags from Amazon to let me and my guests know what kind of delicious cheese they were about to try! Technically sold as cupcake toppers, they are made of brown construction paper and completed with an adorable little bow.

A big thank you to all of our friends for making this a party to remember! I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season surrounded by family and friends, good food and plenty of good cheer! See you all in the new year!

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