Holiday Cheer with Young Flowers

My heart is so full, the holiday season is upon us! I'm a sucker for anything and everything festive about this season. More often than not, that includes a large dose of floral goodness, which is why I am beyond thrilled to share this post with you all! I recently teamed up with one of my favorite local shops, Young Flowers, to bring you some holiday inspiration. This store is a one-two punch when it comes to everything botanical. Their selection is ever-changing, making it hard to stay away for too long.  Whether it be a fresh bouquet or a perfect little terrarium, this place has you covered.

Young Flowers is located in downtown Seattle on the corner of Sixth and Stewart. Lucky for me, that's only a few blocks from where I work, which makes it all too easy to swing in on my lunch break. Immediately after stepping foot in the door, I'm taken aback by all the choices. The shop is teeming with plant life wall to wall.

Flowers are in no shortage here. There are plenty of options for pre-made arrangements, but don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild with all the fresh cut options; arranged by color in a large wall display. I really appreciate the variety that is served up here - large or small, each handmade creation is unique. As you look around, you notice the slight nod to the holiday season through incorporation of color, type of foliage, or through use of a sparkly metallic accent (you really can't go wrong with anything here).

Aside from all the amazing floral options, what makes this shop truly unique is their large selection of succulents, cacti and house plants! These are what originally drew me into the shop, as their entrance is lined with displays of adorable little succulents and cacti, just waiting to be selected for a beautiful creation. I'm like a kid in a candy store here and find it especially difficult to walk away with only one. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and friendly each time I've visited; offering suggestions on what type of plant to choose based on environment and tips on how to care for them.

untitled shoot-063.jpg

Similar to the flower selection, terrariums are served up in abundance here. There are tons of pre-made options, but customization is key. Mark, owner of Young Flowers, encourages people to pick a plant, pick a pot, and they'll do the rest! Once you've made your selections, they will take care of the messy part of planting for you! A customized piece without being poked by a cactus in the process? A win-win, if you ask me! 

Several customers bring in their own pots, but rest assured if you don't have one - there will be plenty in the shop for you to pick from. Young Flowers also offers pots made by local artists, which is an awesome way to support the Seattle community.

If you're anything like me, you've bought a succulent, planted it in whatever dirt you could find, and with the best intentions doused it in water and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, you've also discovered this doesn't normally work. While I was in the shop, I got a few pointers that may help your next purchase be a success.

Let me first start by prefacing... there is no magic solution to keeping a succulent or cactus alive. There are several factors that come into play when caring for and maintaining a terrarium. The first is how you plant it. At Young Flowers, they use layers of pumice (volcanic rock), sand, organic houseplant specific soil and pebbles to properly plant their creations. The second is how you water it. Cacti and succulents do best when you let them completely dry out between waterings. This will help avoid over watering and keep the plant from molding. Don't try and stick to a schedule, just water when needed. While you can mist your plants, it's best to do it only when there is proper air flow and sunshine,  ensuring the water doesn't sit on the plant and cause it to mold. When it comes to caring for terrariums, it's all about knowing your environment!

Bringing Bouquet Home

As hard as it was to choose, I managed to select two different pieces, each with their own purpose this holiday season! The first is a small centerpiece that will help add some holiday cheer to your home and the second is a great alternative to a traditional hostess gift.

untitled shoot-009.jpg

Okay, can we talk about how cute the addition of ornaments in this terrarium are?! Little accents like these make this piece festive and a perfect addition to any holiday decor! The variety of textures in the arrangement keep it visually interesting and unique. Rocks, moss, succulents and ornaments come together in a mid-century modern inspired bowl that is sure to grab the attention of your holiday guests.

I love the way the metallic ornaments catch the light from the tree! It's currently serving as a great addition to our coffee table, but I could easily see this piece bringing holiday cheer to my desk space or the Christmas dinner table. What's even better is this little piece can be enjoyed long after the tree comes down. Just remove the ornaments, and you're good to go!


Attending a holiday party this year? Skip the bottle of wine and bring your hostess a beautiful little arrangement to say thank you!

Between the berries and sprig of cedar, this piece has just the right amount of holiday flair! The clear vase allows the layers of this arrangement to be visible from all sides, and gives the illusion that the orchid is floating over the bed of moss.  This Cymbidium orchid can take winter night temperatures into the 40's, making it a perfect candidate for the chilly elements here in Seattle.

Whether it be a beautiful bouquet, or the perfect little terrarium, Young Flowers has an amazing collection that makes selecting a piece quite the difficult task! Next time you're in the downtown area, be sure to visit the shop and say hello to Mark and Laura! Trust me, you'll have a hard time leaving empty-handed!

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