In Between Seasons with Peony Tulips

I can't tell you how anxious I get waiting for peony season...they might be a close runner-up to my ultimate favorite flower, the rose. While we wait, however, we can round out tulip season with these beautiful peony tulips. Also known the double late tulip, these breathtaking, scented tulips closely resemble peonies and have super long-lasting blooms.

With the nicer spring weather coming in small doses here in Seattle, I was finally able to throw on a maxi dress and show a little leg! I really like the casual look Birkenstocks bring to an outfit. I was certainly opposed to them when they first started 'trending' a year or so ago, but now I see the light! They're so extremely comfortable. Often times if I know I'll be doing a lot of walking they are my go-to shoe. Top it off with a floppy black felt hat and I'm ready to stroll the city!

Rhodie Love

Glassybabies + Mini Roses = A Match Made in Heaven