Seeing Stripes + Peony Season

Peony season is finally here! Nothing says spring more than a fresh bouquet of peonies. I really have to keep myself from buying them every time I turn around. They're such a unique flower with massive blooms, and a heavenly scent that seems to permeate whichever room they are placed in. A couple years ago I planted some peonies in the backyard, and I love the fact that they come back year after year. Like rhodies, the plants can live to be up to a hundred years old!

Did you know peonies come in every color except blue? I'm partial to the pink peonies, I love how their color slowly becomes lighter and lighter throughout their lifespan in a vase. I wished they lasted longer, though. Most of mine have about a week lifespan until they start dropping petals all over the place. Peonies are heavily affected by heat, so I try and keep mine in a cooler area of the house.

My casual market attire. During the spring and summer months, I switch over to white pants pretty much as a go-to. If you can't tell already, I'm partial to black and white stripes. It's nice to keep it casual on the weekends and so great to go without a jacket!

My splurge for the summer months was on this pair of copper Birkenstocks. Knowing how much I wear my white ones, I couldn't resist the metallic finish! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on them, they're so shiny!

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