A Visit to the Volunteer Park Conservatory

Adam and I paid a visit to the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill one crisp, sunshine-filled Sunday in January, and we couldn't have had a better experience. Since it was still technically winter, we practically had the place to ourselves. The atmosphere was so beautiful - everything was still and quiet, all the plants basking in the sunshine. This Victorian-style greenhouse is modeled after London's Crystal Palace. Once inside, the conservatory is divided into five display houses: bromeliads (think bright tropical plants), ferns, palms, seasonal, and cacti & succulents.

It's no secret that I have a huge love affair with cacti and succulents. I have so many of them in my home and on my desk at work. Their symmetry and patterns bring so much life and interest into a space and lets be honest, they are much harder to kill! 

Whether you live in the Seattle area or are visiting from afar, I highly recommend a trip to this conservatory! It will only cost you a few bucks to walk through. Rain or shine, this place is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. You can make it a casual stroll through or a very in-depth learning experience depending on the time you have!

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Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground