Lilies and the Start of Summer in the City

Sometimes it's nice to have options, and then sometimes the amount of options are so overwhelming it's hard to choose! This is what it feels like every time I go to the market to select a bouquet. This week's bouquet is what I like to call a transitional one. Peonies are slowing starting to make their exit, and all of the lilies, sunflowers, and other larger blooms are making their way to the forefront.

Deep in concentration. The market was super busy this past weekend as it was Father's Day and a gorgeous sunshine-filled Sunday in the city. I take my time as I wander up and down the booths looking at all the varieties and colors of flowers! The summer months bring so many different kinds of flowers to the market, and the bouquets become more and more interesting.

The final selection: A stunning peony + lily bouquet with some smaller accent flowers and deeper toned lilies as the main attraction.

This jumpsuit is probably the easiest thing to wear. I love the strapless aspect to it - no tan lines here! It's extremely comfortable, flowy and breathable for the hot summer months ahead. Let's not forget that it has pockets! I picked this one and an identical black one up from Forever 21 last summer, and I believe they were each less than twenty bucks.

Bringing Bouquet Home

I struggle when deciding on accent colors for the various rooms in my home. I like change, and so I get sick of sticking to the same thing for too long. I think this has to do with the designer in me, I like to have options! Bouquets inspire me with a color scheme, and then I like to bring in additional pieces as accents for that perfect pop of color within a room.

Pantone Petals

As a designer, I'm always looking for new ways to be inspired by my surroundings. Creating color schemes and mood boards are certainly part of being a designer, so I've decided to start matching up some Pantone swatches to the flowers within a bouquet! For all you non-designers out there, Pantone created the Pantone Color Matching System that is essentially a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing colors and attributing numbers to them, everyone can all refer to this singular system to make sure colors match correctly. On a personal level, this is a way for me to record how the color schemes of bouquets change throughout the seasons! For this bouquet I've selected Rubine Red U, 1375 U, 383 U and 704 U.

untitled shoot-140.jpg

Blue Skies and Grape Vines

Seeing Stripes + Peony Season