Sunflowers, Gladiolus and More

Sorry for the absence these past few weeks! This may be the busiest summer I have ever experienced. Along with several wedding commitments and family events, Adam and I are so excited to be taking the next step and have moved in together! We’ve spent the past few weeks going on countless trips to Ikea and tirelessly making lists of all of the things we need. I’m just lucky he was the one moving into my current place, because even though he may not realize it, it was way easier on him that way. ;) Now he just has to put up with me rearranging the decor until it’s just right. That could take months. Stay tuned. 

The hardest part about being so busy lately is missing out on all the gorgeous flowers down at the market! It’s so extremely colorful right now! Seattle has been in a serious heat wave this week, and it didn’t take much convincing to get my dear friend Dani to wander down to the market with me one afternoon.

Gladiolus, snapdragons, dahlias and sunflowers all mix beautifully within my latest composition. This may be one of my most neon bouquets to date, it’s basically like celebratory confetti in bouquet form. A blend of my favorite colors - pink, red, and orange - are highlighted amongst a decidedly yellow backdrop. I love the added height that the gladiolus bring to the bouquet as well. 

I couldn’t wait to wear this skirt I picked up at Zara a few weeks ago. I like that it strays away from a traditional floral pattern and incorporates some ferns in it. Very Pacific Northwest, if you ask me. Not only this, but they’re mimicked in the bouquet through the use of some green foliage. I was going to pair this skirt with a classic black top, but since it’s summer, bring on the color all around! I kept my bag and shoes neutral. You can never go wrong with a pair of nude heels, especially a dainty leather pair. These babies by Steve Madden have made it through countless weddings and formal events.

Bringing Bouquet Home

You guys are getting a sneak peek of the new space! I’m excited to show you the rest when it’s finished. For now, I just have a bit of the living room complete. Since I went with a very cool-toned palette, these flowers provided the perfect supply of energy and color to the space! 

untitled shoot-055.jpg

Better than a Creamsicle

Dahlias, Dahlias Everywhere

Dahlias, Dahlias Everywhere