Better than a Creamsicle

Can I just say, this summer is absolutely flying by! How are we already nearing the end of August? I'm starting to notice the days getting slightly shorter and that old familiar chill the breeze brings in the early mornings. That being said, I'm trying to make every effort to get down to the market as many times as I can before summer comes to a close. You start to notice that there aren't as many booths open for bouquets and the pre-made ones go much quicker! It's a bittersweet thing to see, but truth be told I absolutely love the fall season and can't wait for cozy sweaters, spiced cider and fall decor! 

I was so eager to shoot this week with my new camera! While my readers see me in front of the lens here on Pike Petals, I also spend a huge amount of time behind it as well. My old camera and I have had a good 7 year ride, but it was time for a new one. I was so happy my lovely friend Dani was willing to give the new one a test drive and help me take some pictures this week! You're the best, Dani.

Dahlias, gladiolus, sunflowers and lilies are in the height of their season right now, and I'm noticing a few new greenery options mixed into the bouquets as well. This orange and cream dream bouquet I picked up has definitely earned the title of 'Creamsicle Bouquet'.  Swirls of orange and white dahlias, lilies and gladiolus play harmoniously among the Queen Anne's Lace acting as greenery, and a few groupings of white cornflowers stand out like energetic little firecrackers!

I love learning all about the histories of these gorgeous blooms. They all have such a unique story to tell. Queen Anne’s lace, as one would guess, resembles lace and often has a solitary purple dot in the center. The flower earned it's name from a legend of Queen Anne of England pricking her finger and a drop of blood landing on the white lace she was sewing. Another fun fact, it belongs to the carrot family! You'll notice the resemblance in it's feathery leaves.

The cornflowers in my bouquet are white, but they can also be blue, red, pink, or purple, and known as Bachelor's Buttons. The term refers to the long-lasting quality of the flower when it is cut and placed in the buttonhole of a suit or shirt. Decades ago, bachelors sported the flower when they went courting.

Graphic tees have become a fun staple in my wardrobe. As a designer, I can appreciate the use of a good typeface on a tee. This tee is courtesy of Sookie + Co., a brand that just launched this week. I've been acting as designer for the brand for a few months now, and have created several tee designs and the brand's logo. Go check it out!

If you haven't noticed lately, culottes are trending in a big way. They are a clothing item that is quite new to me, and I decided to give them a shot and purchase this black pair from Zara. Let's just say, it almost feels like I'm wearing pajama pants, but a much more socially acceptable pair. Where is this fabulous necklace from you ask? Why none other than J. Crew Factory! Some of my best pieces are from J. Crew. They stand up to the test of time and you can get jewelry on sale for a super reasonable price if you're patient enough! 

Bringing Bouquet Home

I placed this bouquet on a shelf that my handsome handyman of a boyfriend just put up in our living room a few weeks ago. It looks quite at home next to my orange 'shine' Glassybaby. We have a lot of windows in our home, and I love that the mirror on this wall reflects tons of light from the front windows. This mirror is huge. I'd been eyeing a mirror similar in size at Restoration Hardware, but unfortunately it wasn't even close to being in our budget. We got this one for a steal at our local Costco (yes, Costco!), and the style is virtually the same.

Hope you all have fun and exciting plans this weekend! Here in Washington the temperatures will be creeping up into the nineties and I plan on finding relief in the form of a lake and jet skis! 

Cheers, Summer.

Sunflowers, Gladiolus and More