Experiencing Essential Oils with Vitruvi

Experiencing Essential Oils with Vitruvi

Happy Friday, all! If you couldn't tell, I've redesigned the site! It's been on my to-do list for a while and I finally had a little downtime this past week. Still working through some kinks, but it's nice to see it evolve. Now, on to more important matters: I've literally fallen in love with essential oils this fall (ha, see what I did there?). I've heard a lot about them from several friends and after giving them a solid go this month, I can officially call myself a believer in the difference they make in my daily life!


I mentioned Vitruvi last week in my Monochromatic Essentials post when I spoke of their roll-on oils and mists. These are only a few of the products that I've been obsessed with. This brand immediately caught my eye with their gorgeous diffusers and beautiful black and white packaged essential oils.


I'd looked into purchasing a diffuser a while back, but none really seemed to suit my style and they all seemed a little...cheap. Vitruvi offers their stone diffusers in both black and white, and they're truly a work of art. Designed out of the highest quality porcelain, this hand-crafted diffuser compliments any space beautifully. I love that it has a safety-off switch, and two timer modes - a continuous 3-hour option, or 7.5-hours at an interval. There's also a light for creating little evening time ambiance.


The clean, modern packaging of their essential oils is so well designed – I love that they're labeled like the periodic table of elements is! It's a super fun way to label the oils and makes it easy to identify what you're using. Not to mention, display-worthy status. My arsenal of essential oils has expanded quickly – even since receiving this diffuser! I started out with lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, spruce and grapefruit. These five provided a nice base of oils to use on their own, as well as experiment with some blends. I've since added rosemary, geranium and sweet orange


We've been diffusing a combination of lavender and eucalyptus every night. It's the best remedy for a stress-free night's sleep. I'm obsessed with the smell, and the sound of the diffuser is soothing as well. I'm one of those people who needs total and utter silence to fall asleep, so it's great that the sound doesn't bother me. The 7.5-hour timer makes easy to start right before we go to bed and not worry about in the morning. When it's Saturday and I need to be productive around the house, I'll diffuse a combination of grapefruit and spruce or lemon, lavendar and sweet orange – they're both super energizing! I'm quickly realizing that I need a second diffuser so I can keep one in our bedroom and one in the living room! 


As i mentioned last week, I've fallen rather instantaneously in love with Vitruvi's FOCUS Face & Body Mist and WAKE Rollerball. They're a one-two punch of energy in the morning, or when I'm hitting my midday slump at work and need an extra boost to get me though. FOCUS Face & Body Mist is a natural way to get in the zone, and WAKE Roll-On Oil has been a welcome addition to my purse. I swipe some on my wrist while I'm drinking my coffee at the start of the day. 


Another thing to obsess over with this brand is their blog, called Basenotes. For an essential oil newbie like me, it's been a gold mine of diffuser cocktails to try. Feeling sick? There's a blend for that. Need some focus? No problem, they've got one for that too. There's even one called Netflix & Chill. Guys, there's a blend for everything! Each recipe tells you exactly how many drops of what to diffuse together; super helpful. I've also been reading up on articles for ways to use oils besides in a diffuser. It's literally opened up a whole new world to me! Plus, their website – just like their product – is beautifully done.


Have you tried any Vitruvi products? What's your favorite blend? Comment below and let me know!


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