Cheers to a Wine-derful Night

Cheers to a Wine-derful Night

Every year, I look forward to celebrating the holidays surrounded by friends and copious amounts of wine and cheese. For the past two years, we've hosted a gathering for just that! For me, it's the most fun party to set up for since it's gilded in gold and grounded in marble.  As a bonus, it one of the easiest to clean afterwards! The invitation prompted our guests to bring a bottle of wine and a cheese pairing to share. I'm always so excited to see what everyone chooses to bring! This year's party brought on some exciting new brand partnerships, too!


First and foremost, wine is an essential part of this party. Duh! It's important to be fully stocked and ready for your guests, and I couldn't have done it without Winc! This wine delivery service brings bottles straight to your doorstep. You can easily explore their offerings online and select personalized wines for your palate, making ordering a snap! 


I wanted to make sure I had a little something for everyone at the party, so I got a mix of white, red, rosé and sparking wine. Another thing I love about Winc? Their bottle packaging and names are so much fun! Want to try it for yourself? Use code PIKEPETALS at checkout or visit here to get $20 off your first monthly order!


I'm partial to all things sparkling, so I found Finke's Widow to be my favorite of the night! Not only am I obsessed with the script on the label, but I love this fruity sparkling white wine. It's a blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay and uses the Charmat Method to add that beloved sparkle to a blend teeming with brightness and freshness. What's more important is that it pairs well with cheeses and cured meats!


Creating a centerpiece for the table is one of my favorite things to do for any party! It's a grand statement that welcomes guests in and draws them to the table. Just like last year, I utilized my stash of glass vases to house a variety of pillar candles. (Pro Tip: Try and stagger different sizes around one large center vase to add height and help draw the eye in to a focal point). I added some crushed silver glass to the bottom of each vase for improved stability of the candle, and to bounce the candlelight around. I then placed fresh cut eucalyptus from Trader Joe's between each vase; fresh greenery is always a welcome addition. The smell is so euphoric! For the final touch, I wrapped a single strand of dew drop lights around the entire centerpiece.


These aren't your average pillar candles, guys. This year I teamed up with Lucid Candles, and used their amazing refillable candles for my centerpiece and for the candlesticks above the fireplace. Intrigued? I thought you might be.


Lucid Candles burn with a real flame and have the warm glow of traditional wax candles, but instead of dealing with a drippy, waxy mess at the end of the night, they burn clean liquid paraffin. They are refillable, never burn down and never have to be replaced. I couldn't wait to receive these and see them for myself. 


At first glance I was impressed – they truly do look like real candles. I'm not one to burn so-called "fake" candles because they don't have a real flame. These solved that problem completely and one-upped the competition! All you have to do is pour the liquid paraffin in the candle, adjust the wick, and viola! Light away! I went for a neutral palette for the table setting; using white, grey and khaki pillars. Lucid Candles offers several styles in a variety of colors, patterns and prints, so you're sure to find something that suits your fancy! 


Once again, this gold hammered serving tray from Target is one of my favorite things to set out at the party. It's the perfect size to house all of the wine glasses needed, and keeps them contained to a specific area. The stemless wine glasses themselves are also from Target, and cost a mere 3.99 for a four pack! That means no harm, no foul if one is broken during the party. Purchase them once, and use them for years to come!


Like everything else in our home, silver, gold and copper-toned ornaments adorn our Christmas tree. This is the second year Adam and I have celebrated Christmas in a home together, so we already had a great base layer of ornaments! This year, my favorite addition to the tree are these beautiful geometric ornaments by Himmeli Kits! They come in a set with a variety of shapes and add the perfect amount of modern Scandinavian aesthetic to any scene. 


The Bouqs Co. once again came to my rescue and fulfilled all of my holiday floral dreams for the party. They sent me a couple of their holiday bouquets (one of which being Sugar Plum seen at the beginning of this post), plus this beautiful wreath which I wrapped in dew drop lights and hung above the bar cart. It instantly makes the scene festive and draws the eye up! I can't even begin to tell you how fresh it smells, either. 


Have you ever attended a party and lost your glass halfway though the night because you weren't quite sure which one was yours? Not anymore, my friend. I found a set of three metallic wine pens on Amazon that are perfect for claiming your glass. No more guessing! The ink drys quickly, stays on after hours of holding, and (much to my surprise) comes off after a quick run through the dishwasher!


We certainly can't forget about the cheese! Beecher's Cheese provided a wonderful selection of cheeses for our guests to enjoy, and even included some of their delectable crackers! Nothing but crumbs remained at the end of the night! If you're a Seattleite and you haven't heard of Beecher's, you're doing it wrong! Their Flagship, Marco Polo and Yule Käse from their Reserve collection are all award winning! I'm especially a fan of the Yule Käse, which is a unique version of the Flagship Reserve. It's aged in red wine and blackberry honey, making for the perfect holiday cheese. There was certainly something for everyone to enjoy on the table.


All of the cheese wedges were placed on a marble slab from Crate and Barrel, which not only kept them cool, but made for a beautiful presentation. As guests arrived, they used these adorable little tags from Amazon to label what kind of delicious cheese they were about to try! Technically sold as cupcake toppers, they are made of brown construction paper and completed with an adorable little bow.

Table set. Wine poured. Cheese labeled. All that's left to do is enjoy the party!


Cheers to a happy, healthy 2018 filled with lots of love and friendship! A huge thank you to Winc, Lucid Candles, The Bouqs Co. & Beecher's Cheese – you all helped make this party one for the books!

Until next year!

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