Spring Scents with Aspen Bay Candles

Spring Scents with Aspen Bay Candles

It's no surprise that next to flowers, candles are clearly my other obsession. When I'm at home, a candle is always burning somewhere in the house! It's basically one of the first things I do when I walk in the door. Not only does the light create a calming, often romantic atmosphere, the scents make for a wonderful, stress-free experience. Scent is the most powerful sense, and closely linked to our memories. We can actually think of smells that evoke particular memories. I think that's why I'm so fond candles. There are so many special moments in life that require nothing more than a scent to re-live them.

In an effort to put the winter months behind me (seriously though, this cold and rainy weather has gone on for far too long), I've been adorning the house with some wonderfully fresh spring scents from Aspen Bay

For starters, can we talk about these canisters? They're absolutely stunning! All of the candles within Aspen Bay's Homestead Collection come in a beautiful copper vessel with gold accents on the lid, making them ideal containers to use long after the candle has been burned. I love the hand-stamped quality the linen tags have, lending a bit of warmth and personality to the metal canister. The quality of each scent is superb – neither artificial nor overpowering. Each candle is carefully hand-poured using the same methods as traditional candle makers of generations past.

The three scents I'm going to share with you are uniquely different, yet equally crisp in their scent notes, leaving me anxious for springtime!


Ambrosia is a mix of orange, shredded coconut and grapefruit. Thanks to the citrus notes, it's absolutely invigorating! For that very reason, I placed this candle in a high-traffic area of our house. I really wanted the copper and gold accents to shine, so I used one of my favorite acrylic trays as a base and paired the candle with a gold sea urchin, marble candlestick holders, and a single yellow rose in a bud vase. The overall effect is an inspiring table tray vignette with both visual interest and an energizing scent.


Sprig is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Flowering basil and garden mint are combined with a splash of lemon, keeping things decidedly green and fresh. When my herbs on the windowsill are looking a little sad, this candle makes me feel like I'm in a bountiful herb patch in the middle of summertime! I use fresh herbs on the daily when cooking, and this candle makes sure the scent is never far. It also inspired me break out the cocktail book and make a white wine spritzer!  


Sundry is the complete essence of freshness. Newly bloomed magnolia mingle with a hint of fresh spring linen, making the overall scent both clean and refreshing. A magnolia tree, often called a tulip tree, has gorgeous pink blooms with a scent that is creamy sweet with a light citrus nuance. They bloom like crazy here in Seattle during the springtime, but only as soon as the sun starts making an appearance on a daily basis! I'm always sad once the first big spring rain happens and knocks all the flowers off of the trees. My bedside table was the perfect home for this candle. It's such a soothing scent to begin and end the day with. The copper tin provides some much needed warmth to contrast with the cool marble tray and mirrored nightstand. I finished off the vignette with a vibrant purple Glassybaby, a tiny little succulent and some fresh florals, of course! 

If you're looking for a fresh spring scent to start the season (say that five times fast), head on over to Aspen Bay's site. No matter what your scent preference is, it's almost guaranteed you're going to love your selection. Thanks again to Aspen Bay for providing me with these gorgeous candles! I'll be burning them all season long.

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