Coffee Table Styling with Skeem Design

Coffee Table Styling with Skeem Design

I am beyond excited to share my collaboration with Skeem Design today! This is a brand that I have been in love with for years. Skeem Design was created by a husband and wife duo who left their jobs in the corporate world to pursue their dreams of working together. Talk about #relationshipgoals. The couple has created an array of beautiful products, including candles and matchstick jars, with a focus on design and a mission to eliminate unnecessary packaging. I love the fact that many of the products have containers that are reusable, and that their candles are hand-poured in small batches right here in the U.S.A..  When it comes to coffee table styling essentials, you can't go wrong with their beautiful designs! I was so inspired to create some scenes with their products! 

One of the key components in a living room is a uniquely styled coffee table. Next to the couch, it's the second most predominant piece of furniture in the room. It's often a great conversation starter and main focal point of the room. 

Include these things on your coffee table to make stylizing a snap:

  • Florals, succulents or cacti to add some life, color, and bring the outdoors in
  • Candles and matchsticks for ambiance and adding a great scent to the space
  • Coasters to keep libations off the table
  • Books for entertaining your guests
  • Decorative accents such as sculptures to spark conversation and add a variety of interest
  • A table tray to organize the above items

By using a variety of items, you can achieve a look that is both functional and fun. Many of the items you place on your coffee table will be as useful as they are pretty. I change out my coffee table pieces nearly as much as I change my clothes because I like to keep things interesting! One of the main rules I always follow when decorating is to use varying height and texture throughout the design. Depending on how many books you stack, or what kind of vase you use for a bouquet, you can really switch up the scene.

Bold and cheerful

Skeem Design has such an amazing array of both candles and match bottles that I couldn't pick just one style to show you! My first styling is both bright and happy, showcasing Skeem's apothecary bottles and axiom candles arranged on a bright orange tray from West Elm. For some added color, I arranged a bouquet full of roses, daisies and carnations in a short square glass vase. 

These black and white axiom candles are so beautiful! Fun fact: The Greek origin of the word axiom means to be in balance. This collection plays with both balance and structure, and showcases facets in the cut glass containers. The gold metallic lids feature designs inspired by geometric patterns found in nature. Each design is different depending on the scent of the candle! This collection is available in both a taller glass vessel, and a small tin (perfect for traveling!). 

Skeem's apothecary jars are my absolute favorite. Not only are they inspiring in design, but also in the quotes silkscreened on the bottles. I'm basically reading a message in a bottle every time I open one! They feature an exclusive strike-on-bottle design with a striker strip for lighting all of your matches in style, and without any added waste! Once the matches have been used, I plan on using them as bud vases for some beautiful blooms.

Modern and monochromatic

My second stylized coffee table scene is much more minimalistic in both color and design. This time, I showcased the classic match bottles in conjunction with the axiom collection, and placed them on a glossy white tray. I even switched up my coffee table by eliminating the taller nesting table of my Ikea set, which I purchased in white and spray painted gold. Owning this table basically means having two tables in one! 

These bottles remind me of old medicine bottles, right down to the classic and sophisticated lettering style scripted in gold. They come in a wide variety of colors, and what's even more amazing is that there is the option to customize the lids for special events. These bottles also feature a built-in striker for the matches inside.

This coffee table design is packed with geometric visual interest. I wanted the green accents from the cacti to be the pop of color, with just a few supplementary highlights from a book and glassybaby. I am obsessed with this sculpture from West Elm, it provides just the right amount of height for the vignette. It's gold and marble, two of my absolute favorite materials! I included a gold sea urchin atop the stack of books to mimic the texture of the cacti and for additional visual interest. I'm a huge fan of pairing a smaller match bottle with a larger one for varying height. It also allows me to feature both the white and black matchsticks, because it's just too hard to pick one! 

Print Block Candle

As I mentioned earlier, Skeem Design offers a wide variety of candle collections with several inspiring scents. Their print block collection is perfect to feature by itself or in a small vignette, as this candle really commands center stage! This is a larger candle that will provide a heavenly scent throughout your entire living space for several hours. The lid features an intricately detailed wood carving, and each carving is unique to the scent. The white glass jar keeps things simple and the linen label is both subtle and clean.

To really make a statement, I housed this candle in a large glass hurricane with just a few inches of rocks at the bottom. I placed it at the end of my media console and paired it with a cacti in a simple white pot and a geometric metal sculpture.

A huge thank you to Skeem Design for partnering with me on this post! I can't say enough about the quality or beauty of their products. You really can't go wrong with any of the items they offer, and if you're a designer like me, you'll be ogling over their packaging every time you see it.

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