Coffee Scrubs for the Win

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! I hope this week is finding you inspired and productive! It's been a busy week at work for me, so I've been trying my best to come home, unplug and take some time for myself in the evenings. Normally this leads me to something skincare related such as a mask, but this week I tried something completely new, Beverly to 5th's Mandarin Orange Coffee Scrub!! 

Did you know the benefits of using coffee on your skin are basically endless? No seriously, check out this list that Beverly to 5th put together. Andy, founder of the company, has had years of experience with organic coffee and tea. The development of using coffee with a skincare line actually came about when he was searching for a new body scrub and cream. The fruits of his labor? An organic coffee scrub that gives you super soft and sexy skin. 

I appreciate that their scrubs don't contain parabens or other yucky chemicals, and no critters were harmed in the making. Kudos to that. I love the smell of coffee, so the added scent of mandarin orange was like the cherry on top! Beverly to 5th has a few other scents to choose from, coconut and peppermint, which sound equally as amazing. 

I would definitely recommend giving coffee scrubs a try, especially if you're a coffee lover! This scrub left my skin oh so soft and smooth, all thanks Beverly to 5th! 

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