IGK: No Boring Hair. Ever.

IGK: No Boring Hair. Ever.

My haircare routine got a complete shakeup after this massive delivery arrived in the mail! I've been working my way through each and every product and can't say I've been disappointed by any yet! I feel like a kid in a candy store with all of these brightly colored bottles lined up on my vanity...which one to try next? Here's a review on some of my favorites so far!


IGK haircare was founded by a team of four innovative stylists from various parts of the globe and vastly different backgrounds, unified in a single vision: to create products designed to fit the lives and needs of the client and hairstylist. These products sing high praises, and their modern formulations offer performance without compromise. Each product is:

Conditioning and color safe

Has UV and heat protection

Gluten free

No parabens or sulfates

Formulated without mineral oil

Vegetarian and cruelty free


Expensive, Mistress and Rich Kid have been a few of my favorites by far – they're all about added hydration and gaining the soft hair you've always wanted. If I wasn't already captivated by the playful designs on each tube, I am by the product inside. I've been using Expensive like it's going out of style. I didn't realize how dry, coarse and sadly abused my hair was until I lathered my hair with it the first time. The difference was astounding. My hair was instantly softer, shinier and silkier – without being greasy. It's described "like a topcoat for nails", and that's a completely accurate way of putting it. Mistress works in a similar way, as a leave-in conditioning balm that melts into lengths and instantly boosts hydration. Rich Kid contains coconut oil-infused gel that's essential in creating the hydrated, lived in, undone hair of right now. 


IGK also makes some super fun products, too. Their Girls Club color spray will bring some serious hot pink to your locks – I've been saving it to use for a fun night out!


Call Time has the prettiest bottle ever, it gives me a tropical oasis state of mind. It's a styling primer that provides a cool, new mist to rehydrate parched, overworked hair. The result is a smooth, shiny, detangled foundation for styling. Coconut oil guards against heat and static while strengthening hair at the same time.


Dry shampoo is an essential item in my arsenal, and I'm constantly trying new ones to see how they differ. I've discovered that I favor those that come in a spray can, they're so much easier to use. IGK's Jet Lag is completely invisible, blending into hair without leaving a trace of residue. It's designed to boost volume and body while leaving tousled, touchable texture.


So I ask you, between the ultra-cool bottles and the wonderful results, is there really any reason not to give IGK a try? If you can't visit a salon, be sure and pick up a product from their lineup.


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