Fall's Best Monochromatic Essentials

Fall's Best Monochromatic Essentials

In the beginning, it was all black and white. 



Autumn. Crisp leaves, chilly air, and the dark, moody tones of fall fashion. It's the season where I can slip back into my monochromatic ways and not apologize for it! To kick off the season, I wanted to do something a little different than my typical post and bring together all of the brands that I admire and love. It's no surprise that they all happen to play seamlessly together in a flash of black and white, creating the perfect backdrop for curated pops of color. Throughout the years I've discovered that you can never go wrong with either when it comes to fashion, interior design and beyond. While it may not be as exciting as an episode of Oprah's favorite things, without further ado I bring you mine!


Dagne dover

You really only need two handbags this season, an everyday bag for toting all of your things to and from work, and a clutch for everything else. Dagne Dover takes care of both for me. You'll spot me carrying the Simone Satchel during the workweek – this bag means business. It has modern, clean lines and effortlessly completes any outfit. It's large enough to fit a laptop and features a center console for effortless organization. This is great for me because I often take my laptop to and from work, so it's nice traveling hands-free. On the weekends, I'm all about the Elle Clutch. It's made of gorgeous pebbled leather and is the perfect size for all of my little essentials, date night and beyond. I love a clutch that can play double duty, too. Be it endless meetings at work, or drinks with the girls after hours, this clutch has you covered. It's got a minimalist shape, polished aesthetic, and comes in an array of colors. I'm of course digging the black leather with matching hardware in matte black finish. Finding all of your trinkets is super easy with the extra wide opening that unzips around one of the corners. Bonus: it doubles flawlessly as an iPad case. 



You could say I wear all black mainly because you never know when you'll need the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous bouquet! I wanted this arrangement by BloomThat to be one of the main focal points of my outfit. I can't get enough of these fall colors! Quite literally, the only color I'll allow in this post comes from this moody bouquet of deep purple calla lilies and tulips, burnt orange roses, crisp white lilies and spray roses, against a sea of deep green. The Quinn is a real show-stopping mix that will help you transition into fall in style. BloomThat makes the whole process of selecting and ordering a bouquet quite seamless, too. All of their arrangements are delivered next-day in tastefully packaged recycled burlap or an array of vase styles. I love that they responsibly source their blooms and partner with farmers and growers across the globe to deliver the freshest, seasonal stems.


Capri Blue

I change my coffee table decor nearly as much as I change my clothes – I like to keep things fresh and inspiring! Capri Blue's Volcano scent is like a chameleon, fitting effortlessly into any season. I've been obsessed with it for years, and if you often wander into Anthropologie, you'll know exactly the scent I speak of. This iconic fragrance has notes of tropical fruits and sugared citrus, and it's absolutely intoxicating. Combine this powerful scent with their new Black Signature Jar, and you've got a piece that is part edgy, part classy, and a whole lot luxe. You'll want to stock up on a few!



The world of essential oils is my latest discovery, and while I'll be bringing you a full review of this brand soon enough (hint, hint), I couldn't help but include them in this story! I've fallen rather instantaneously in love with Vitruvi's FOCUS Face & Body Mist and WAKE Rollerball. They're a one-two punch of energy in the morning, or when I'm hitting my midday slump at work and need an extra boost to get me though. FOCUS Face & Body Mist is a natural way to get in the zone, and has an array of scents like rosemary, lemongrass, basil, clove, petitgrain, frankincense, and peppermint to trigger parts of the brain that help with focus and decision making. Vitruvi's WAKE Roll-On Oil has been a welcome addition to my purse. I swipe some on my wrist while I'm drinking my coffee at the start of the day. Woodsy juniper and fresh citrus bergamot awaken and uplift while rosemary blends with warming Indian black pepper oil to help increase alertness.



I have been obsessed with Diptyque since I laid eyes on my first candle. From their packaging and fragrances, to the story behind the brand, I'm hooked. Founded in 1961 by three friends – a painter, set designer, and interior designer – Diptyque originally produced printed fabrics. This Parisian company has since captured several emotions and memories with just one waft of a scent. Each fragrance is unforgettable, captivating and unique – they simply can't be duplicated. I love reusing the candle jars to hold all sorts of treasures long after the candle has burned out. They've literally become a staple in my interior decor – I'm as inspired by their design as I am their scent. Not to mention these candles burn so well, literally right down to the very end. Baies – an armful of roses and of blackcurrant leaves – is an iconic scent for Diptyque. I love how the larger size is presented in a beautiful glass black jar, and compliments the Eucalyptus fragrance perfectly. I've got some exciting things in the works with their personal fragrances, so I won't give too much away on that just yet – keep scrolling for few sneak peek shots of their Discovery Set!


Butter London

Butter London gets a gold star in my beauty book. I've reviewed several of their products here on Pike Petals and I haven't found a single one I don't like. From their lipsticks to polishes, each product is long lasting and comes in several compliment-worthy colors. They just released a few new shades of their Plush Rush Lipsticks (NAME is pictured above) and the formula is so velvety smooth with a plumping effect for fuller, firmer lips. I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to their polishes. Use their Trend Nail Lacquer if you want to keep up with the latest seasonal shades and their Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer if you want ultra-glossy, long lasting wear. I get compliments all the time and people ask me if I'm wearing gel polish because it's so shiny. They just opened a nail bar in the atrium of my building and it takes everything I have not to go in for a weekly nail treat. I'll be using Cotton Buds and Union Jack Black all season long.



Luxe isn't often a word that comes to mind when you think of a water bottle, but I can't find a better word to describe these little beauties. They're the ultimate functional fashion statement. The colors are all such yummy, beautiful tones – you'll want more than one so the color can fit your mood on the daily (I won't confess to how many I have)! I love the weight these bottles have, and the way the silicone sleeve feels in my hand, making it easy to grip - especially on the spiked bottles! I always have one at home and one at work, so I'm never without. I'm currently loving my black and white bottles. Spiked Jet is so edgy and perfect for fall, while Winter is a smooth, calm opaque white option for those chilly days. They're a breeze to clean, too. When they need a wash, just remove the sleeve and stick the glass bottle in the dishwasher. Done. Bkr also makes handy ice cube trays specifically designed for their water bottles  – I suggest picking up a pack as they're extremely handy at keeping your water chilled and refreshing!


Lipstick Queen

I've been intrigued by this Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick for so long! I finally put it to the test, and to my surprise, it's actually so sheer that it has the effect of wearing black lace on your lips. Worn alone, it creates a smokey veil over the lips. Use in combination with Black Lace Rabbit Blush, which magically turns to a sexy sheer berry on the cheek to complement your unique skin tone.


Antica Farmacista

Did someone say champagne?  Antica Farmacista's Champagne Black Label Diffuser is a limited edition scent that is absolutely perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday season. This crisp, citrus infused fragrance evokes sparkle and complexity. Diffusers are the signature product in Antica Farmacista's collection, and are such a unique and beautiful way to fragrance and decorate your home. I've got one in almost every room in the house now! I've used quite a few reed diffusers and these are by far are the best and highest quality. If you want to get an extra boost of fragrance, try flipping the reeds every few weeks. I'm obsessed with the apothecary-style luxe matte-black bottle the Champagne Black Label comes in. It truly does feel like you're opening an expensive bottle of bubbly. I almost didn't want to pop the top! I'd suggest indulging in the 500ml size so you'll be set to enjoy this fragrance all season long. Cheers!


Linné Botanicals

Don't be deceived by it's color – you'll want to befriend this body wash! ACTIVATE body wash works to exfoliate, cleanse and nourish. Indulge as a special weekly treatment for your skin, as it's highly concentrated and nutrient rich. Eucalyptus essential oil allows ACTIVATE to decongest the respiratory system making it a welcome addition to warm baths and steamy showers during cold and allergy season, and giving it a heavenly scent!

Monochromatic_Collab-17 (1).jpg

Eve Lom

Ever since partnering with Eve Lom a few months ago I've been using their Rescue Moisturizer day and night, and it's been doing wonders on my acne-prone skin. For fall, I'll be switching up my routine and using their Brightening Collection, which is extremely innovative in its ingredients and perfect for preserving that bright, glowing skin from summer. This includes the Brightening Lotion, Serum, Mask and Cream (in order of use). Together, they'll work to brighten and boost luminosity, encourage collagen production, hydrate and soothe my skin. My regimen has never felt so locked and loaded! I also keep all three shades of Kiss Mix Colors – Cheeky, Demure, and Lippy – in my handbag because let's be honest, you never know which shade you'll be feeling! These three cover all the bases.


Sangre De Fruta

Sangre De Fruta's bottles feel like little treasures on my vanity. Every product comes in a gorgeous violet glass container or jars that immediately feels luxe in your hand. I reviewed some their products a few months ago, and reached out to the founder, Allison, to see what she would suggest using as we move into the colder months. She recommended switching to Voluptas face oil, which is richer than Psyche that I had previously been using every day. It's the most deeply moisturizing of the face oils and is great for dry skin that quickly becomes stressed by indoor heaters as well as those brisk outdoor temperatures (we know they're coming!). Jasmin de Nuit Tonic has the ultimate seductive warming scent. Jasmine, known as ‘Queen of the Night’, has long been used in love potions because of it’s powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac. Mist it on the linens and snuggle up in bed on a rainy day, or use before a night out for just the right amount of "come hither" attitude. Neroli Forever Botanical Body Cream is also a must for the season. It's so creamy and feels like a treat for the skin. This particular Neroli oil is blended with a hint of Rose Otto, making the scent both citrusy and floral – two of my favorite things. It's recommended for for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, stressed, or sun damaged skin. 

Monochromatic_Collab-18 (1).jpg

I hope the autumn season treats you right, friends! A sincere and extremely huge thank you to all the brands who came together to partner with me on this post, it was a huge labor of love and I couldn't be happier to finally share it all with you. I think I'm going to settle into hibernation now and catch up on some sleep!


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