My constant companion: Dagne Dover

My constant companion: Dagne Dover

It's Friday people, FRIDAY! These dry days in Seattle have me wearing sunnies with my heart feeling a bit lighter. I feel so alive again! With daylight lasting longer into the evening, Adam and I have been going on walks around the neighborhood daily. Fresh air and exercise does wonders for my mood. Life feels so much more carefree when your day doesn't revolve around how fast you can get from A to B without getting caught in a downpour in the process. This also means I've been a busy girl, taking advantage of the wonderful weather by making floral trips, weekend adventures and lunch dates a priority. With this on-the-go attitude, I need a bag that can keep up.  

The Ava Bucket by Dagne Dover has been my constant companion for the past two weeks. They focus on designing functional bags and totes for busy, professional women. I've always preferred larger totes because they make it easy for me to carry everything I need for the days' activities. I carry this bag to work everyday and don't need to supplement it with an additional bag (let's be honest, no one wants to be the bag lady at the office).

I like big Bouquets and I cannot lie

I couldn't resist splurging on this large bouquet of ranunculus to celebrate the sunny weather! These colorful blooms are so unique and make such a statement. Interesting fact: The name ranunculus comes from two latin words. Rana meaning ‘frog’ and unculus meaning ‘little’. It's assumed this name was fitting because they grew along streams and were as prevalent as frogs in the springtime. Can you imagine a field of them growing wild? I would be running through them singing like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

Island Time

Last weekend Adam and I took a day trip to Vashon Island. With a new car in tow, we were dying to cruise on some windy roads lined with trees instead of concrete buildings and stop-and-go traffic. Vashon is our favorite place to escape for a day, and so easy to travel to from West Seattle. After the twenty-minute ferry crossing, your mind is at ease and you instantly feel relaxed. If you're in the Seattle area and have never been, consider this location for your next adventure! 

We got so lucky because the ferry was practically empty! We'd planned for the worst since it was the first sunny day on a weekend in quite some time. Even though the ferry ride is short, it's always fun to go up to the viewing deck and look out at the Sound.

This particular bag is unique in the fact that it unbuttons in four places along the top, making it easy to access and see all of my things in a snap (no pun intended!). It also has a unique center consul so everything stays organized and I don't have to fish around to find my phone or lipstick! I love the bone-colored leather, it's a great neutral color and the lighter shade is perfect for the spring season.

Our first stop on the Island is always The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterié. It's the most charming location to sip a coffee and stay a while. We like to sit out on the porch with the locals (who all have their own personalized mugs lining the walls inside) and watch the cars roll by on a two lane road. After the caffeine pick-me-up, we pop the sunroof, crank the tunes and cruise – stopping only to sit on the beach and admire the view.

Café conversations

Last week while I was enjoying some much-needed R&R before starting my new job, I convinced my best friend Dani to take a day off and spend some time brunchin' with me to catch up on life. We went to a place in Ballard called the Fat Hen, which is a quaint space with quite the wait. If you can spare the time it's worth a visit, but word to the wise, don't come on an empty stomach. Pack a light snack or you'll be starving by the time you sit down! Don't get me wrong, the food is wonderful, but the service is leisurely. 

Luckily the cafe is located in a neighborhood, so you'll be able to wander around outside and sip on a coffee while you wait for a table. With all the space in my Dagne Dover bag, I came prepared with my walking shoes! Everything stays so neatly packed inside the tote once the snaps are closed. 

A day off isn't done correctly without some mimosas, right? Even though brunch was the plan, the longer wait time had Dani and I jumping straight to the lunch menu to indulge in some delicious bowls of tomato soup alongside copious amounts of bread. A successful outing indeed!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I'm off to my next adventure in Vancouver, BC! A HUGE thanks to Dagne Dover for providing me with such a beautiful bag to carry around this spring! I give this versatile tote my highest recommendation, it fits my active lifestyle perfectly. 

The Scent of the Pacific Northwest

The Scent of the Pacific Northwest

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Currently Loving: Candelles