Cozy Beach Days with Southern Shirt Co.

Cozy Beach Days with Southern Shirt Co.

I'm one of those lucky people who has a birthday around the holidays, and I totally embrace it (it's December 29th, just incase anyone wanted to send me a belated present)! I know some people hate the fact that they have to share their special day with a month full of holiday festivities, but it's just one more reason to spoil myself!


Adam and I love coming to Cannon Beach in Oregon. It's the type of place we dream about when we've had a long week and just want to escape the troubles of the world for a while. It's about a 4-hour drive from Seattle, yet it feels like a world away. We've been coming for the past three years, each time visiting our favorite eateries and scenic spots! When we're here, we're in total relaxation mode. Being comfy and cozy is a top priority. Luckily, Southern Shirt Co. had us covered.


First on our list was nabbing a spot on the patio at The Driftwood for lunch. It's the most central spot in town and has the perfect patio space complete with a fire pit, which means it's open on sunny days, year-round. I couldn't believe it was the end of December and we were sitting outside in the sunshine wearing only our flannels! We were feelin' extra relaxed and comfy, so it was time to hit the beach!

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I don't know how we got so lucky with the weather, but it was outstanding! The lighting was oh-so dreamy. It was low tide, so we grabbed our boots and headed out towards Haystack Rock to see some wildlife. 

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Southern Shirt has some of the softest flannels I've ever felt. They've got a relaxed, casual fit, which makes them perfect for weekends full of outdoor activities! I'm wearing a small in the Kennesaw Flannel, and Adam has the Dublin Flannel in a medium. The boyfriend fit was essential for exploring the tide pools at the beach! 


Adam and I have been living in our Sherpa Pullovers. No seriously. I've been coming home each day and throwing mine on, and sometimes I even wear it to work! They're the quintessential cozy piece of clothing for the winter months, and heck, basically anytime it's cold and you want to be comfy! 

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I'm super impressed with the quality and attention to detail on these sherpas. They're lightweight, making them easy to pack, and have pockets for cold hands! I can't stress enough how SOFT they are. It's like...snuggling a newborn kitten. There's a wide range of colors for both men and women, and a full-zip option. I stuck with my monochromatic ways and picked a grey tone called Mystic, and Adam choose Olive Night. They run large, so you may want to size down! I feel like I may need another color with how much I wear this one!

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Once the sun started to set, we made our way back up towards the sea grass and found the perfect spot to make a fire and watch the sky fade to black. The best ending to a day at the beach, in my opinon!

If you plan to spend the weekend in Cannon Beach like Adam and I do, a few other must-see spots are:

  • Fultano's Pizza - Quaint little pizza joint in the heart of town. 
  • Bruce's Candy Kitchen – Need I say more?
  • Bill's Tavern  – Tons of local beer selections in a log cabin setting.
  • Pelican Brewing – A new, spacious bar in the south of town with outdoor seating, pouring house brews.
  • Ecola State Park – Offers a scenic view of Cannon Beach with tons of hiking opportunities!
  • Newmans at 988 –  Small, intimate restaurant in a historical house that serves French Italian cuisine, perfect for date nigh. Reservations suggested!
  • Icefire Glassworks – Watch glassblowers make unique pieces of art.
  • Insomnia Coffee Co. - Rustic little coffee house with extra cozy seating for sipping on a warm cup of coffee
  • Hug Point – Visit at low tide to see the waterfall on the beach around the point!

If you're looking for the perfect weekend getaway attire, be sure to check out Southern Shirt Co. and #EnjoyTheGoodLife. Thanks for making my birthday escape to the beach extra comfy and cozy!


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