Break out the springtime Sunnies

Break out the springtime Sunnies

Sunglasses; the perfect accessory for the sunshine months ahead. I'm always on the lookout for a pair that has a unique twist, but maintains a classic style, and I think I've found them. In fact, these sunnies might be too cool for me. They're chameleons of color with a huge attitude.

It's only taken me a few weeks since receiving them from Perverse Sunnies to actually be able to wear them in the sunshine (come on, Seattle)! I'm very excited to say that I'm going to get the opportunity to wear them all day, every day on my vacation to Arizona at the end of this week! I seriously can't wait.

The Dean is an aviator-style sunglass that comes in three different colors. I chose the rose gold + pink combo which is perfect for all the springtime floral backdrops I've encountered this month! They have a high-shine reflective lens, and have a nice weight to them, making them feel incredibly expensive yet super comfortable on the face. Depending on the way the light hits them, the lenses are either completely rose gold or a deep aqua blue. I love this quality about them! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Be sure to check out all of the great options Perverse has for the sunshine-filled weather ahead. I'm going to get some good use out of these babies this week on my vacation to the desert! 



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