Sunshine Days with Osea Malibu

We are in the dog days of summer right now, and I'm loving every minute of it! The warm days bring out the best in my mood and my skin is soaking up every little bit of that sunshine. As a designer in the fashion industry I spend my time planning and designing for several months ahead and sometimes I have to stop and remind myself of what month it actually is! Holding on to these sun-kissed days as long as I can.

My current vanity display is stocked with some seriously powerful skincare products right now. I'm pleased to bring you Osea Malibu, who not only has some of the most stunning packaging around, but also creates products that are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. How's that for tough to hold a candle to? I've been using a few products from their line for a couple weeks now and I can't decide which one is a favorite! They're all that good.

Remember that glorious sunshine I was talking about? Well, let's just say their Sea Minerals Mis has been my best friend lately. I've been guilty of not applying as much sunscreen as I should, and their mineral mist is the perfect remedy for my troubles. This little spray is for blemish-prone skin types (holla!) and skin experiencing acute irritation and dehydration from sun exposure (yep, totally). It's got organic seaweed, Dead Sea Salt, and aloe vera to neutralize surface impurities and diminish the appearance of inflammation and redness on the surface of skin. I love that this bottle, like many of their other products, is glass. Better for the environment, and better for you. Guys, trust me, go and get this.

Finding a cleanser that can meet my laundry list of needs has been a tough go for me! I've tried everything. Most of the time I still end up going back to remove makeup with a wipe. Well not anymore! Osea's Ocean Cleanser is a multi-tasking mineral gel cleanser that keeps me hydrated and painlessly removes my makeup. Bonus points for the beautiful blend of lime, cypress, juniper, orange, and jasmine that smell incredible

You guys know how much I love my oils and serums. They're the most recent addition to my skincare regimen, and one I'm wondering why I didn't start earlier. This Brightening Serum is my saving grace. The main goal is to even out skin tone and reduce any scars, both of which my skin could highly benefit from. Cystic acne as a teenager has left me with some pretty deep imperfections. It's lightweight and soaks into my skin in an instant, so I don't have to wait around to finish my routine. Dab a small dime-sized amount to your skin and spread lightly! If you massage your fingers will absorb the majority of it. 

Last but certainly not least, I have been using the White Algae Mask. I'd say this mask and the serum are a one-two punch – the very best partners in crime. Twice a week I'll use it in the evening to brighten my skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You can also use it overnight for an added boost!

Thank you so much, Osea Malibu, for saving my skin this summer, and beyond. There are so many other products from the line that I can't wait to try! These beautifully frosted glass bottles earn a gold star in my book.


Butter London's Anniversary Sale Exclusive

Guys, it's that time of year again – Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! It's also the first sale in 5 years that I'm not an employee there, which is bittersweet in many ways, too! Regardless, it's an exciting time to get stocked up on fall essentials including these amazing polishes by butter LONDON! They put together an exclusive set for the Anniversary Sale and I was lucky enough to give them a test drive early! 

My obsession with nail polish runs deep – I've been painting my nails consistently since the 6th grade. I used to do a mean french manicure back when they were popular. I still joke that something is horribly wrong if my nails aren't painted. It's a huge ritual for me to begin a new week with a fresh mani!

If you haven't tried butter LONDON's Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer, you're missing out. I used to apply gel polish on my nails religiously, but now there's no need! The Seattle-based company has figured out how to get long-lasting shine and durability through the use of safe, effective, and skin-pampering ingredients. Seriously, the shine is unbeatable and after 10 days my nails are still chip-free. 

This perfectly curated color lineup includes all of my favorites for the fall season! The collection, aptly titled Cashmere Crémes, includes a soft cream, blush pink, dark nudes, rich plum and navy. You can't go wrong with any of these colors, and there's enough choices to rotate though all season long. 

If you're a Nordstrom cardholder, you can shop this collection during Early Access today! I'd love to hear what your favorite shade from the set is, you'll definitely be seeing me rock these colors in the coming months here on Pike Petals! Thanks again for these beauties, butter LONDON!


Melie Bianco & The Modern Day Backpack

It's amazing, no matter how many years I live in Seattle, I'm always discovering new spots to explore. As you all know, roses are my absolute favorite – I've got at least 5 of them on my patio at home and dream of creating a romantic escape like David Austin's Rose Garden in the UK. Little did I know, right outside my backdoor I have the Woodland Park Rose Garden! I packed up my newest accessory by Melie Bianco, and headed out to to explore! 

I've constantly got my hands full – coffee, laptop, phone, wallet – for some reason I'm always struggling. While I love my little clutches and satchels, they never quite have the room I need. I haven't carried a backpack in years, but this bag changes my entire perspective on what it means to carry a backpack. It's probably because I've never had one as chic as this! This backpack fulfills my every need for daytime activities and evening explorations. 

All of Melie Bianco's handbags are made from cruelty-free premium vegan leather, and super-luxe at an affordable price. I am in love with all of the styles they offer. Their bags come in several super classic tones as well as on-trend seasonal colors, meaning there's something for everyone.

True to form, I opted for my go-to, the classic black with gold-tone hardware combo. You literally can't go wrong with it. I love how it works so well to ground this rather punchy pink and green dress in the summertime, but I know it'll be a stand-out piece for fall when I slip back into my monochromatic ways. Melie Bianco's Brooklyn Backpack also comes in a beautiful mustard yellow and taupe; either of which could make it through several seasons. 

If only you could smell these roses. We went on a super sunshine-filled day and the scent of fresh roses put me in absolute bliss. The garden is so well manicured and I love that it's free to enter - I saw so many people sitting on benches reading books and just enjoying the tranquility of the space. 

I love all the details this bag has, including a top zipper, side zippers for extra space, interior zipper and pockets to keep all your knickkacks organized, AND there's both a removable shoulder strap and backpack straps, meaning the bag converts to fit your mood. It's got tons of room, which is great when I'm packing my camera and extra lenses for a shoot.

This little shift dress by TOPSHOP is so last season, but still one of my absolute favorites. That's the great thing about a unique piece – buy it because you like it and wear it as long as you want!  It's easy, breezy, and just requires your favorite sandals and handbag to complete the outfit. I simply styled it with a dainty gold necklace for a little added shine. Palm leaves are here to stay, people. 

Extra special thanks to Melie Bianco for sponsoring this post! I can't wait to style this bag into the fall and beyond. Give backpacks a second chance and I guarantee you'll fall in love. While this may be my first Melie Bianco bag, it certainly won't be the last.