Dahlias, Dahlias Everywhere

Happy Friday, friends! Summer is fully in swing here in Seattle! How do I know? All of the gorgeous dahlias, of course! Well, maybe that and the fact that I now have to sleep with the air conditioner on. During my lunch break this week I took a little trip down to the market with some work friends and had the hardest time selecting a bouquet. There are SO many varieties of flowers in bloom right now. This alone makes summertime so joyful for me. The possibilities for bouquet creation are endless! While dahlias are really shining as the main flower in bloom right now, gladiolus are also starting to make an appearance, and a few last bunches of peonies still make people stop and stare.

Dahlias are like little cheerleaders, with their colorful pom-pom shaped blooms lighting up a space. They come in almost every color under the sun, which makes them an easy choice for many summer and fall weddings. Did you know they originated as a wildflower high in the mountainous regions of Mexico and Guatemala? That’s why they naturally work well and bloom happily in cool fall breezes - especially helpful for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest!

This is probably one of my favorite dresses. I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on it over the years. It's a breezy choice for a hot summer day and also feels like I'm about to attend a ball at the same time. I also wear it in the fall paired with a leather jacket and flats. The best part about this dress? It's from Forever 21! It's really withstood the test of time, I think we're going on five years now. Classic pieces never go out of style.

Bringing Bouquet Home

The bouquet I custom made this week is simple, yet elegant. I did a little bit of a combo with dahlias, lilies and snapdragons. I knew exactly where it would be going once I got it home, and wanted to keep the flowers light and bright and use the pink as a little punch of color! 

Pantone Petals

This bouquet has a very simple color scheme, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful! I've chosen 210U and 1775U to represent the pink varieties in this bouquet. These are some of my favorite pink tones, equally neon yet very different. One is a warm coral, while the other has cool, bluish-purple undertones.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! You can expect to see more dahlia posts from me very soon. :)