Votivo: The Cure for My Winter Blues

I am officially done with winter. We've had more rain here in Seattle than I care to recount. I know what you're thinking: Isn't it always raining in Seattle? Well, no. This winter has been exceptionally wet, making it almost impossible to go down to the market for flowers or stroll the beach. Since I've given up on the outdoors lately, I've turned my full attention to making my indoor space feel like a springtime oasis.  

Votivo has made it super easy to switch up springtime scents to fit my mood. They have such a wide variety of scents that I'm never bored with what's burning. I currently have their Persimmon Poppy, Gilded Magnolia and Honeysuckle candles. Votivo means "expressing a vow, wish, or desire, " and in this case, it also means some pretty beautiful candles.

There is so much loving care that goes into packaging these candles and diffusers. Each product in the Aromatic Collection arrives in a box that is adorned with metal ribbons, hand-wrapped in logo-patterned paper, and hand-pressed with the Votivo seal making each product unique. The packaging is clean and simple, so it can easily fit into any decor. 

You already know I'm candle-obsessed, so let's talk about diffusers. I tend to use diffusers in places where I want constant scent, and where a candle could potentially be dangerous to burn. Unlike candles, the great thing about diffusers is you can place them, walk away, and not worry about blowing them out! Our bathroom is relatively small, and a diffuser perfectly scents the entire room. I also pair them with candles to create an entirely new scent blend, and to provide height to a vignette. I really love Rush of Rose and Pink Mimosa from Votivo's Aromatic Collection. Just like their candles, these diffusers come beautifully packaged. 

The Soziety Collection by Votivo is punchy and fun. Their Pucker Up Pink diffuser arrived in a gorgeous pink and silver patterned box that includes a clean white vase to hold the scent that will last up to 120 days. Pucker Up Pink is a lovely blend of strawberries, gardenia, mimosa, and sandalwood, so it's going to be perfect for the coming months. 


I'm probably quite biased when it comes to scents because anything rose-scented is my favorite. I love everything about roses – scent, appearance, meaning. There is a wealth of culture behind rose symbolism. Rush of Rose is currently in our bedroom and it's an explosion of fresh, green Damascus rose buds and traditional rose. 

What scent is currently keeping you sane as we sprint out this last bit of winter? I'll just be over here indulging in every floral scent Votivo has to offer as I hope for sunshine to make an appearance outside! I hope everyone is staying warm and dry this week! Thanks again to Votivo for partnering with me on this post!