Lipstick is a Girl's Bestfriend

I started using lipstick regularly in college, and have never looked back. I feel naked without it now! It's that finishing touch that makes me feel like I can take on the world. If there's one thing I've learned about lipstick, it's that the right formula makes all the difference. I can't stand it when I put on a lipstick and an hour later my lips are all cracked and dry because I used a cheap lipstick that has absolutely zero hydration in it. If you've been searching for that perfect lipstick, look no further.

Kosås has created a paired-down list of must-have shades that are intended to flatter any skin tone. Their lip colors are made by hand, enriched with natural botanicals, and have a smooth finish, even texture, and perfectly balanced hue. I really like that the shades are buildable, so you can go from a sheer stain to full coverage in a snap. The shades have a non-drying matte finish, with plenty of moisture so your lips stay hydrated all day long. 


This concise collection covers everything – vibrant reds, moody purples and neutral rosy shades. Sheena, the brainchild of Kosås, has truly created a group of shades that are the only ones you'll ever need.


I am obsessed with their minimalist packaging! Anything monochromatic has my attention in an instant. Their logo and typography take center stage on a clean background. No frills, just chic, simplistic, and elegant.

The shade that I'm loving lately (and wearing above) is 'Undone'. It's got equal parts pink and brown, and is a warm everyday tone that takes me from office to happy hour in a flash. It was also Kosås first lip color! Undone leaves my lips adorned with a semi-matte color and velvety finish for hours.


If you've never been a lipstick girl, or perhaps you've wanted to but never known what color to get, try a neutral shade. It'll give your lips just the right amount of color and won't be fussy when it comes to application. If you're feeling more adventurous and sassy, go with a poppy red or purple! Just remember, lipstick speaks louder than words! Special thanks to Kosas for keeping my lips colorful and hydrated!