Living the Good Life

Peony tulips have hit the market, people! Run, don't walk to gather them up in your arms now. I only spotted the blush pink ones during this visit, but I fully expect to see more appearing soon! We had sunshine in the city this weekend and in between house warming and engagement parties I continued to work on my garden and repotted all of my rose bushes for the balcony. Spring is oh so sweet!

I was super excited to receive this sweatshirt in the mail from Good Life on Saturday. I immediately had to wear it! As I've mentioned in the past, I've been working really hard to make my routine more organic and natural, both in terms of beauty products and beyond. Good Life is out to support and inspire busy, fabulous women in gaining ultimate wellness by making healthy living fun, fashionable, accessible and simplified.

Good Life's website is a wealth of information in all areas. They offer services like meal planning, a wellness program for the modern bride, countless tips, recipes and advice on their blog, and an amazing shop full of organic and natural beauty products. You can also purchase this super-soft Clean Beauty Boss sweatshirt. You already knew I was completely obsessed with graphic tees and sweatshirts, but this sweatshirt in particular stands for so much more! Not only is it extremely comfy and cozy, but it's a simple reminder to live a more healthy lifestyle everyday. After all, what we place on our body is just as important as what we’re putting in it! 

I finished off my casual Sunday outfit with jeans and Converse. Does anyone else get really giddy when it comes to wearing a fresh pair of Converse? I'm sure these won't stay perfectly white for too long, but I'll do my best at making sure no harm comes their way! As always, I topped off my look with some gold bracelets and dainty necklaces to help elevate the outfit with a little added style. 

I hope everyone is off to a great start this week! Try and change up one thing in your daily routine that makes for a healthier you. Take the stairs, drink an extra glass of water, or swap out that slice of pizza for a salad! Your body will thank you! Huge thanks to Good Life for providing me with this sweatshirt, I'll be rocking it all around town!

xoxo, Krista