Transitional Dresses for Early Spring

I've been feverishly checking the weather app on my phone hoping for a break in the rain. Last weekend I finally got one and rushed down to the market, knowing darn well there were flowers waiting for me! Seriously though, I jumped up out of bed and raced out the door. This time of year it's so difficult to photograph outdoor shoots on the weekdays because it gets dark so quickly and that doesn't give much of a window for natural light.


This dress from Maude has been patiently waiting in my closet for a dry day! It's the perfect transitional dress to wear between seasons. It's got a great neutral palette that can go from concrete jungle to beach in the blink of an eye. I've been dying to trade in my boots, sweaters and jeans for a dress with some strappy open-toe heels. If you're feeling like me, take a look at the dresses in your closet with a fresh set of eyes. The way you accessorize a dress can make all the difference.

There's still a few more months before I can wear this dress on it's own, so a leather jacket has been my best friend. It compliments the black braided straps on the dress perfectly and gives the whole ensemble a bit of an edge. The shoes I'm wearing with this outfit are a favorite for this time of year. The texture and thicker ankle detail keeps these heels grounded in a winter palette but the open toe begs for them to be worn in the warmer months! One the sun does decide to come out, I'll pair this dress with a floppy hat and some flats!

Now for the flowers! Tulip and hyacinth season is in full swing! I love this color combo for any sort of arrangement. Purple and orange are such a match made in heaven. The orange tulips even have a subtle purple stripe running the length of each petal – they were basically destined to be with the purple!  I can't wait until next month when I can make my annual visit to the tulip fields to drool over the open plains covered in color. Tulips are so unique in the sense that they really respond to their elements. I've been keeping them in a cooler room so they don't open up as quick and I can enjoy them longer. Make sure you keep an eye on their water too! These guys really love to drink.

Fingers crossed for more dry days ahead. These tulips will only last so long and then I'll be on hunt for a new bouquet! Huge thanks to Maude for providing me with this gorgeous dress!