Secret Garden Status with Style We

Here in the Pacific Northwest, you have to decide for yourself when spring has officially arrived, not the weather. For me, this time arrived last week. I broke out the self-tanner, got myself some fresh highlights, and put on this fabulous dress! Not only have these things given me a whole new attitude, but now I'm just radiating springtime! 

I spent Easter weekend with my family in my hometown of Olympia, and every time I visit I'm reminded of how much I love it – less city, more nature.  It's such a breath of fresh air. Now that the sun is making more of a regular appearance, everything is starting to bloom! One of my favorite things in my parent's yard is this gorgeous hedge of camellias. They're such a fragile flower, and after the first hard rain they seem to quickly fade away. When they're fully in bloom, however, they provide the most beautiful backdrop of color. 

I am so in love with this little number from Style We. End of story. I normally have a very particular style of dress I go for, but this one broke the mold on all fronts. In case you're wondering, it's all one piece, making it super easy to zip up and go! It's both professional and fun at the same time, and dare I say has a slight prep-school quality about it! I love how it retains its fit-and-flare shape, keeping it a little flirtatious and sassy. I finished the look with my beloved Dagne Dover tote and some fabulous block heeled sandals from Maude

Dakota is making his very first appearance on Pike Petals! Let me tell you, he's got a lot to learn about the art of posing for the camera! Little Kota Bear came to the family in September and even though he is still a puppy, he's growing like a weed! He's the biggest bundle of fluff and has such a personality. We lost our beloved husky Shasta unexpectedly a year ago, and while Dakota has some big shoes to fill, he's very loved in his own special way.  

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend filled with sunlight and laughter! I plan on spending as much time as possible outside in search of colorful bushes and picturesque scenery to bring back and share with you!