The Scent of the Pacific Northwest

I love living in the Pacific Northwest (or Pacific Northwet, depending on the day). Here in The Evergreen State, we've got so many activities to offer, the majority of which take place outside. I don't think there's anything more enjoyable than a day spent enjoying some fresh air and scenic views, whether it be hiking in the forest or island hopping in the sound. When I was young, I'd spend hours playing outside until the sun dipped behind the trees and I was forced to come in. I spent a month and a half in Dubai when I was in college, and by the time our trip came to an end I was craving the forest. I was born and raised here, and if there's one scent that encompasses my home, it's Frasier Fir

This invigorating scent by Thymes is no seasonal scent for me, but rather a scent for life! Frasier Fir is composed of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood that snaps me back to my roots. Naturally, it's the perfect scent to fill my home and bring the outdoors in.

Cleaning the house is either the most enjoyable and therapeutic thing, or the worst chore in the world for me. There literally is no in between, and I think many would agree. It's that necessity we all have to do, and once it's done I'll sit back and admire the hard work I've put in! When it comes to the actual act of cleaning, sometimes finding a "clean scent" that doesn't smell like its loaded with chemicals is a challenge. Cleaning supplies on the market today are nothing short of lackluster. This is where Thymes comes in. They opt for high-quality, plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ones whenever possible. Their full lineup of soaps, all-purpose cleaners, and home fragrance mists make my home smell like I've wrapped it in fresh pine, not chemicals. The Frasier Fir collection is especially stacked with a variety of products, so the scent doesn't have to stop on cleaning day.

A Scent for Every Person(ality)

So maybe you're not an outdoorsy person, and the scent of pine isn't your thing. NO PROBLEM. I get it, everyone is entitled to a preference! Thymes has so many different scent collections, you'll need a pair of hands (and then a few friend's hands) to count them. Online they've categorized their collections by fragrance family, making it easy to search for all the scents you love.  If you're a tried and true floral + citrus fan like me, you'll have no shortage of options. A few of my favorites are Rosewood Citron and Mandarin Coriander. Each scent is broken down by the notes within, and if you hover over a note, a handy little blurb pops up giving some background on the item. It's like a history lesson while shopping! 

I could literally bathe myself in Rosewood Citron all day, every day (no literally, I can with their bubble bath). The scent is a combination of effervescent vetiver, vibrant pamplemousse (for us simple folk, that's grapefruit), soulful rosewood and sheer Damask roses. I use their body lotion in the evening after a shower, and creamy hand lotion throughout the day. Their gorgeous candle is housed in a glass jar and looks so chic on my bedside table.

Mandarin Coriander is a wonderful alternative to Frasier Fir when it comes to cleaning. It's the absolute essence of squeaky clean. This scent is dominated by lively mandarin oil and robust coriander, but it also contains grapefruit, calming lemon balm, marjoram, rosemary leaf, cozy Irish moss, sacred Atlas cedarwood, and verdant green ivy. Now that's what I call a symphony of scents!

Thank you so much to Thymes for collaborating with me on this post! Make sure to head on over to their site and peruse all of their lovely scents – I guarantee something will captivate you!