Tropical Bouquet Bliss with Verde & Co.

Flowers were a gateway to creating this blog and making it a reality. Sometimes they're at the forefront, and sometimes they're in the background. It's been a year since I started Pike Petals, and this weekend I was reminded of why I started it! THIS. BOUQUET. I have no words to describe the absolute beauty it is. 

When I started my new job a month ago, I couldn't help but notice an adorable little floral shop on the ground floor of my building. I immediately reached out to Meridith, owner of Verde & Co., and was so happy when she agreed to collaborate with me on a bouquet for this shoot!

I wanted to photograph this look in a rather monochromatic area to really contrast the colors within the dress and bouquet. Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook in Seattle seemed like the perfect location given the many concrete staircases and landings among the scenic beach drive. It's one of Adam and I's favorite places to walk to and watch the sunset after a long day. 

Meridith created this tropical-inspired beauty with an abundance of unique stems. It's the most uplifting and gorgeous piece to behold given the endless amount of grey days we've had here in Seattle. One of the most unique florals in this bouquet, Pincushion Protea, is also amongst the oldest of families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years. Greek legend tells us that Protea were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon. He was a sea god who had the power to know all things past, present and future, and preferred to nap on the island of Pharos rather than prophesize!

This bouquet also has one of my favorites, red peony tulips! These aren't just any ordinary peony tulips, however! They were grown specially for Meridith's shop by one of her employees, Agnes, of Hori Hori Flowers. Other highlights of this bouquet include some beautiful blush roses, yellow ranunculus, dubium and cymbodium orchids, all wrapped together with greenery in the form of coculus and giant anthurium greens. In a word, the entire gathering is exquisite. 

The inspiration behind this bouquet comes from this fabulous floral A-line dress from Style We. I was drawn to it by the floral pattern and abundance of colors. It's the perfect Seattleite dress, with it's black backdrop yet colorful foreground. It also has some really fun frilly bell-shaped sleeves! No accessories to be mentioned of besides some simple gold crawler earrings and my favorite strappy heels with a woven leather ankle detail! 

First and foremost, I want to thank my biggest supporter and love Adam for photographing this for me. Many of the content here on Pike Petals would not be possible without him by my side, and I don't thank him nearly as much as I should. I love you, baby! Special thanks to both Verde & Co. and Style We for helping make this vision become a reality! I absolutely love being able to work with creative people like Meridith who help make ideas come to life, which in turn creates inspiration for others! Take a look at some of the classes she offers, and be sure to check out her cute little shop next time you are in the South Lake Union area of Seattle!